Peace + Prayer= Joy

Hello, darling pretty pumpkin poos. I am so sorry I haven’t blogged since January! Goodness, time sure does fly by! But anyway, today I participated in the Clarity Poster Blitz- Clarity is a pregnancy crisis center providing solutions for women, and men, now, because my father was hired as the Mens Program Director. (And that was a big answer to prayer!)- and was thinking about how people try to use worldly items and people to try and make them feel better. And as Christmas is approaching us- woo-hoo! OH YEAH!!!-  I wanted to write a blog for Christmas and say something that I want to say to every person on this earth. God cares. There is a reason for everything. I don’t want to preach at you and harp on this. I just really want you to remember this in a time of need. Whether you are happy as a little unicorn doing the hula on a rainbow, or you are depressed enough to commit suicide, God cares. He might not seem like he is doing anything. He might fix a problem in a year. Once I prayed that I would have a friend that needed a friend, and there was a new girl at my school the very next day. He cares whether you like it or not! And he wants you to be happy. So pray for peace. Here’s a few examples; A teenage girl is insecure so she sins in some way and now everyone is treating her like crap. Solution: Pray for peace. You are pregnant and your boyfriend or husband is not there for you. Solution: Pray for peace. Things like television, food, sin, etc, can NOT give you peace! (But that doesn’t mean you can’t get people to help you in some healthy way!) We often let Satan lead us in evil paths of sin that promise out secret heart’s desires but leave us in the grave. Then, we are helpless without our father. God is the one who has the cure. God cares. Go in peace, dear hearts.

Bible Verse:

Psalm 103:6- “The Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed.”

Jesus and sparkles,

Selah Taylor



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