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✞Hello! Today, we will enter the land of staying with Christ every day. I’m not going to lie, I am lazy with quiet times where we can get in harmony with God and his thoughts and dreams. It is hard for a lot of people to take time out of their day to stop and stare at a wall. But what we don’t see, is the change in the atmosphere around us. When we spend time with Jesus and his word, we change. And I don’t know how it is with all people, but everywhere I go, I set off a chain reaction whether it is for the better or not. If I am grumpy, and harsh to my sister, for instance, she reacts to me by being mean back. And then, everyone else’s mood is usually changed. I might argue, “No, because spending time with God is pointless. I am nice anyway.” But let me just say this; I am very wrong. SO wrong, like I have absolutely lost my mind. You probably should not be reading this. No, I’m kidding. Letting God into your life is important. Let him love on you, help you, and change your life. Whether you just lost your job, or a family member is driving you up a wall, God cares. In the bible, it says that God had us in mind when he made the world and was dying on the cross. It is a mystery how God thinks of eight billion people at once but this is how awesome God is. So, if God is so amazing, and still thinks of you, a measly microscopic piece of dust, he deserves a minute of your time. And there is no reason why you have to have this ‘going through the motions’ time with the Lord. He loves it when you are happy so be happy! Do some of your favorite things while you pray. And, if you are stressed about spending time with the Lord, don’t be. This is completely your decision. In conclusion, change the world around you by spending time with your heavenly Father. Bye, friends!

Luv and Jesus,

Selah J. Taylor

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