Funny Interviews for Your Enjoyment!

Hello! This is Selah coming at you live from my….(drum roll,  please!)… desk! Today, I will do hilarious interviews for you and it WILL be legendary! (Ps. If you can’t laugh for some reason, DON’T READ THIS!)Ooh! Look at who has flown in at this very second!!! The wonderful, the amazing, the awesome, it’s… Myra!! My best best best best best best (A thousand bests) best BEST friend who is spending the night with me tonight. Here is our interview for your enjoyment.  So have fun, y’all.

Me: Hello, dear! Now if you had to pick one favorite quote,  what would it be?
Myra: You sound like a poet.
Me: I know!! (Squeal)
Myra: Do you know that Shakespeare quote that we have in our kitchen that was a present for my baby sister, Cara Jubilee Black? That’s my favorite.
Me: Cool. Do you know it?
Myra: No. Sorry.
Me: That’s okay. Now, if you could um… go to one place in the whole entire world for a day, where would you go?
Myra: Haiti. I just had so much fun there on the mission trip I took with my family there.   Me: That is awesome. I can’t wait to go there around Christmas to see our new sisters. See more about our adoption at the Adoption Page! (stop and grin.) (Laugh with Myra.)  Next and final question!! (Pause) Um. Uh. Oh! What are your three (or less) favorite singers? (Or band.)
Myra: Um, “King and Country” , my mom and dad, and um, and Lyndsay Taylor. Your mom.         Me: That is awesome. You are actually making me CRY!
Myra: Aw, don’t cry! And you’re a PROFESSOR!                                                
Me: I know. (Sniff.) Okay. Well, that’s the end of this interview! Bye!!! (Hug)               Myra: Bye! (Collapse on my bed laughing.)
Me: Next, on my show, we will have a wonderful, sweet girl, Pajama Baby!!! (Yemi’s favorite and most treasured doll)(Applause)
Pj Baby:   (Silence)                                                                        
Me: Huh. Not very talkative, are you?                                                        
Pj Baby:  (Falls over.)                                                                      
Me: Okay. Moving on! The next contestant is a surprise guest star, Malakai Green!!!!!!!!    
Malakai: Hi.                                                                                
Me: Hello! So, the first question, is a hard one. What is your most favorite quote?        
Malakai: Um, Psalms 46:1-2.                                                                  
Me: That is so cool! What is your favorite band or singers?                                  
Malakai: Probably “Casting Crowns”.                                                          
Me: Great. I’ve never heard of them before. The last question is, if you could go to one
place in the whole entire world, where would you go?                                        
Malakai: That’s a hard one. (Think for like three minutes.) The Smithsonian.                
Me: Awesome!!!! I love that, Malakai. Okay, well, bye!!!! See you later!                    
Malakai: See you later!                                                                      
Me: Next, we have a special family member coming in now and her name is Yemi!!! (Appalause)  
Yemi: Um, thank you!                                                                        
Me: Hello, darling! How are you today?                                                      
Yemi: I’m doing fine.                                                                        
Me:  Great. Now  I’m going to ask you some questions,  okay?                                
Yemi: Okay.                                                                                  
Me: Now, what’s your favorite quote?                                                        
Yemi: “I have a diagnosis!” from the tv show, “Doc McStuffins”                              
Me: Cool. If you had the chance to go to one place in the whole world, where would you go?
Yemi:  I would go to Ethiopia, Africa.                                                      
Me: Great. And, what’s your favorite band or singers?                                    
Yemi: The guy that sings “Diverse City”.                                                     Me: Tobymac?                                                                                
Yemi: I don’t know.                                                                          
Me: Okay, well, that’s all folks!!! I hope you have enjoyed these funny interviews! Bye!




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