Summin’ Up Summa’

I am pretty excited to say I finally have a computer at home again! I get to blog, work on my website, work on Sister Bridge stuff, and who knows what else…in all my spare time…Oh…Wait, what? 😉

To sum up the summer before I get going on this new season ahead…

I can sum up my part of the summer pretty quickly actually. I struggled. It was rough. I felt exhausted and crappy almost every day. God is greater and I held on to Him, but it really was like a drowning person reaching for a rope and being kind of dragged through the waves instead of getting nice and dry in the boat, headed for a sure and safe destination.I have a couple more doctor appointments this month and I am praying for results that can lead to knowledge and relief. I have done all I can do and made any changes my research has led me to make, especially in regard to diet, exercise, rest, and stress management.

But on to the fun part: The kids did have a really fun summer, thankfully! Their grandparents, friends, and of course their super fun Daddy made sure of that!

IMG_1904 IMG_1810


Yemisrach turned 6 and Selah turned 9!

It is Selah that wins the award for the biggest changes…that girl is growing up! She is such a joy, and such a unique, funny, caring soul. She has some new things happening in her life and she is enthusiastic about it all. She has always been the type to thoroughly LIVE in each moment, and it is just amazing to stand back and watch her doing that in this season. If she is this mature and changing at 9, I really am not sure what we have ahead of us at 12, 15, 18, eek! She is currently writing a book, learning to type on one of our old computers, and daily practicing piano, guitar, and songwriting. I am amazed at how she can write a song, know what chords to put on it, remember it, and perform it. I did not do all of that until I was 17, but I wanted to! She is a great student, and this year we are studying Creation to the Greeks. We’ve had a lot of fun learning about Egyptian culture.

Yemi has definitely changed a little, but all in all, she is still the fun loving little pesky sister! She is in first grade at home and LOVES reading in her little Bible Reader (the reading curriculum with My Father’s World) each day. She has been waiting so long to get to do that, as well as put Biblical characters/stories on her timeline on the wall. I was thrown for a loop a little at the start of this school year because I realized how much she needs hands-on Math instead of what I had done with Selah. We have re-worked things more to her learning needs and while it takes much longer, I’m happy God revealed that to me so that I could adapt.

I am so blessed! I love being home and being with my girls. I know that with my health being this way I could send them to school, but I’m just not willing to let go right now of the beautiful thing we have here together. Time will tell. God will do what He wants. We live by faith!




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