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Yemi hooked on phonics Selah's show and tell


So…I thought I’d take a minute to update about homeschooling!

We started our school year in the beginning of August after a somewhat unplanned LONG summer break!

Yemi (5) cannot contain her excitement about starting school, and thanks to the beans we glue down every day of school during math, I know that we have done 44 days of school so far! I am thoroughly impressed with this child and her first 44 days of school! I have to brag on her for a moment…She finished the Kindergarten Hooked On Phonics reading program already; we started that (somewhat off and on) last semester and once we began to do it on a more regular basis, it really clicked for her! Now, she is in the 1st Grade HOP reading program and is doing great. I often hear her in her room now reading Dick & Jane, and Dr. Suess!

She also began doing spelling tests 8 weeks ago, and loves to ask us to quiz her when she’s riding in the backseat. For writing lessons, she practices one main letter and number per week. For math, she has already reached all of the Kindergarten learning goals–she is counting by 5s, 2s, and 10s to 1oo, and all kinds of other amazing feats 🙂 !

Selah (8) is also having an awesome year! She is such a joy to teach and  such a bright light. We have wonderful discussions and prayer times most days, and she is growing in many ways. This year our curriculum is called Exploring Countries and Cultures, so we are learning so much about the world and missions. She has already moved on to 4th grade Math, and when it comes to reading, she is reading on a high school level. Honestly, it is terribly hard to find books that are appropriate for her! She has read many book series, like Anne of Green Gables, Little House, Magic Treehouse, Babysitters Club, Anna Hibiscus, Cul-de-Sac Kids…and we are looking for more ideas. I really don’t want her to always be reading something that is worldly. I think it’s fine to watch movies and read books, but if you do that for hours each day, it certainly has an effect on you, so I want to give her good stuff to put in her mind.

We are involved in a co-op called Enrichment, and in the picture above Selah is doing show and tell. She is showing her class of other homeschool kids all of her photo albums and explaining places she’s been and important people in her life. She is not afraid to get up in front of people and is a good speaker. This summer she picked up the guitar and songwriting as well! Can’t wait to see what God has in store for this girl!

I am blessed homeschooling mama! Yes, I could talk about the difficult moments (want to throw that in there just so you know I have them) but that’s for another day. Today, I just wanted to share this portion of my life with you a little bit. 🙂

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