The Moral Tragedy Called Abortion

I’ve been waking up thinking about such heavy topics lately. Regularly, I wake up thinking about the moral tragedy called abortion. I read yesterday it has been 40 years since Roe v. Wade.

I understand that not everyone wants God’s Word to be used in the making of law, so I won’t even go there. This isn’t a Christian vs. Non-Christian issue and I don’t need to argue it as one.  Abortion is a human rights issue, plain and simple.

It doesn’t bother me to be labeled Anti-Choice by some people instead of Pro-Life. That’s fine. I AM Anti-Choice. What does bother me is when Pro-Choice people don’t finish this sentence: “They will never take away a woman’s right to choose.” I’ll fill in the blank to say exactly what they mean but exactly what they won’t say. “They will never take away a woman’s right to choose to end the life of the child inside of her.” They are welcome to call me Anti-Choice if they understand that I will call them advocates of a child holocaust.

Where and when was the lie created that a baby inside the womb is not a human? If it’s a not a human being, what is it? Can we not hear how ridiculous that sounds? It’s illegal to mess with a bald eagle’s EGGS, but in this country, as long as the baby is still in the womb,  it has no rights whatsoever. A bird fetus has more rights than a human one. When did the lie begin that a human baby doesn’t have the same rights as a human being? At what point do those rights kick in anyway? Where did the lie begin that it’s a mother’s right to end that fetus’s existence simply because it couldn’t survive without her? Does that make it less than human, to be weak and vulnerable, small and dependent? My four year old is still all those things! Should I be allowed to end her life if I’m feeling like she’s messing up my life and my plans, if I think she’s not going to be loved in her lifetime? Does her dependence on me put the decision of whether she gets to live or die in my hands?  Who came up with the insane idea that a baby is an extension of a woman’s body? My child is not one of my body parts that I have the freedom to do whatever I want with. When was the lie created that if a child is not wanted by a mother, it should not get a chance to live and be taken to someone who has waited years to simply love and nurture a child?

There are some strange arguments out there. Some people think that to be Pro-Life, you have to pick up all these other beliefs and stances. But that’s not true. For example, some people have told me they are Pro-Choice simply because they wouldn’t want the health of mothers to be endangered and if it is between the life of the mother and the baby, they would want the health of the mother to be considered first and foremost. I agree wholeheartedly. These are extremely rare cases and should not make a person Pro-Choice! This already IS the practice in hospitals today and it always will be and it has nothing to do with abortion laws. Making abortion illegal is NOT putting women’s lives at risk (unless you’re thinking about women going and having illegal abortions, which are more dangerous. We have other issues in this country- like drugs- that we have deemed illegal even though the illegal trade of them is more dangerous, but it didn’t stop us from forming those laws.) Some people like to say, “You’re a hypocrite to be against abortion but for the death penalty.” Guess what? I am totally against the death penalty!!!  Some say, “Well, you want abortion to be illegal but you need to be doing more to prevent pregnancy and you’re not willing to put condoms and sex ed in school.” YES I AM! Being “conservative” about abortion does not mean you have to be conservative about everything. Cases of rape, incest, etc? I read that these situations accounted for 1% of abortions. I think its okay for people to have different views on this, and if I was a politician who had to make some compromises in order to get abortion in general to be made illegal again, I would probably agree to this 1% being legal.

If we say we personally would never do it, but we don’t want to keep others from having that choice, we will share in the blame when judgment comes. If we vote for politicians who have an agenda against the unborn, I couldn’t care less what else they do right, we will share in the blame when judgment comes. There are a lot of gray issues out there, friends, and we can disagree on them all day long and it’s fine. No problem. But I am ashamed to live in a country where it’s a woman’s right to injure and kill a child she is carrying in her womb. I’m upset that anyone would ever do this practice, but I’m outraged that my government allows it, condones it, and expects us to rally around it with our taxes and support.

This blog and my opinion isn’t to make anyone who has had an abortion feel condemned. God and the Church, at least my church, opens their arms to anyone. We are ALL sinners, none greater than another, and we can be forgiven and made new if we simply ask! This blog is just one avenue I have to speak my heart and mind to anyone who will listen.  My prayer is that God will remove the veil of confusion and indifference about this issue, allowing us to see clearer and clearer how to love, how to take care of the least of these, and how to stand against a wave of politically correct but purely self-centered evil.

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