Sad Day Part One

So this morning, I woke up and told Selah: I don’t even know who the President is going to be! So I googled it, and for some reason, I burst into tears. I know others who would have burst into tears if the vote had gone the other way, but I didn’t see myself as someone who would cry over this. It’s not like if someone else had won, the issues that I cared about would have been automatically resolved or even resolved at all.

Anyway, so why did I cry? Two reasons I have figured out throughout the day. One here, and another in the next blog. (Trying to keep them shorter!)

One, it was a reminder that no matter who is in the White House or the Supreme Court, this place isn’t our Home. Waking up to a new administration (or the knowledge of a new one in January) wasn’t going to change the fact that God’s Kingdom has not come yet. We pray that God’s will will be done, that His Kingdom will come, on earth as it is in Heaven. But is that really going to come through government? I highly doubt it, at least not in full. *

But His Kingdom, the way of life He has called us to, is something His Church has the responsibility of living out and bringing to earth. I think this means that Christ followers need to know the Word of God well and have a growing relationship with Him so they can be light and salt here…to the point of setting aside whatever other goals and desires we have for our time on earth. We should be different, but I think we miss the mark when we think those differences are mainly and merely external. The Kingdom of God is how we act, how we treat people, what characteristics of God we show!

*Just to clarify: I believe it does matter that we vote for people who stand for Biblical values as we understand them, if we can find such a person, because they are supposed to be our representative and we should certainly make our voice heard. We just have to realize that in itself is not fulfilling our responsibility of bringing “Kingdom” living to this place!

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  1. You and I are so much alike about this. This is exactly what I was thinking today. And your post yesterday, I related so much with that too. I too have a hard time wanting space with people I don’t see eye to eye with and my stomach plunges when there is conflict and I too am tempted to just stay quiet, but then that eats me alive. Thanks for your honesty and your bravery to share it. Love you!

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