Fall Is Upon Us

So…Wow. When people ask me how my summer went, my eyes sort of glaze over. I will have to consult my journal, because I honestly don’t know. It was a little difficult, to be honest. I didn’t feel well, and that was a bit of a roller coaster of good days/bad days. I don’t really remember a lot of it, but I did take pictures and journal, so I guess that means I was there! :/

Here are a couple pics from our summer:

I have to say, we clean up pretty well, haha! For some crazy reason we decided to roll our hair and put on makeup.

Yemi feels like her mama in this one…It is naptime yet?

But seriously, Fall is upon us and I’m excited about it. Field trips, enrichment classes, homeschool, ballet classes for the girls, getting to enjoy the outdoors again, Sister Bridge beginning soon…This is always a fun season. I’m not even dreading winter, how neat is that? BUT there has been a lot of confusion in my heart about what I should and should not do with my time and attention…and that really bothers me even though I know that subject is hard for everyone, perhaps especially moms, and perhaps even more especially moms with some limitations like sleep disorders or chronic health problems. I get in places where I feel very comfortable to say no to everything and stick to what I know: my walk with Jesus getting deeper, my marriage, my kids and home. That is certainly more than enough to occupy my days and nights, and I have been in that sweet spot before. But then there are seasons where it at least *feels* like God is saying something more can be added. This is where it gets complicated…and I don’t like complicated.

My territory God has given me is my home. That’s where I am and that’s where I want to be. But a ministry I’m involved in (I wasn’t looking for it, but it came my way and all stars led to go that direction) takes some of my emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual attention…and honestly, I’m just not sure if I have any extra to give. My connection to Jesus doesn’t feel like what it did before, and daily I am seemingly literally hard pressed to fit in the things that are important to my Life. Is it a time to sacrifice and persevere, is it a time to quit and simplify, or is it a time to learn how to live a somewhat fuller and busier life and STILL have the kind of quality of life that I physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually want?

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