Responsive Reading… "I Am"

You are beloved-
asked for by name, claimed
so you would always be where He is…
“I am His portion.”

You were rescued-
out of darkness, called
your enemy powerless once and for all…
“I am His treasure.”
You are chosen-
to enter His heart
and carry out pieces of it to the world…
“I am His prophet.”
You will suffer-
times of misunderstanding with Him
times of loss and even blindness
and you will remember in those times…
“I am not God.”
You will come out shining-
led through refining fires
praising Him in the ashes
living for the joy of seeing Him face on that day…
“I am His radiant Bride.”
You were created to worship-
to prefer, to prize, to adore
Him, above all others and all things…
“I am here to focus on Jesus and be changed in His presence.”
You were created for a real relationship with Almighty God.
You are the dream He created in the depths of His heart.

“I am His dream.”

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