Day 4 Detox

Hey! Yeah, I’m still here! Day 3 I did not have a chance to write, but it was a good day. Surprisingly, I haven’t been really tired or grouchy or headachy. In fact, this morning I woke up wanting to plant a garden! I don’t have the ground tilled yet but we did go and buy a few plants. It is going to be the tiniest garden ever but I am so excited. They are in potting soil in containers right now until my neighbor/Jack’s uncle can till the ground in the one small area of our yard that has sun. I. Am. Excited.

So, I am hungry. If I was juicing, I know I would be doing even better, because for example, I ate 1/2 a cucumber, some raspberries, and some craisins for breakfast at 9. By 11, I was starving of course. At 12, I had a berry/spinach smoothie. If I was juicing I could have had a whole basket of nutrients by now, but its hard to eat as much as you can juice.

I think this is pretty hilarious, though. I have lost like 9 pounds! I’m not taking it seriously of course, because at some point I will start eating more calories and will stabilize at a weight higher than this most likely. But the good things that are happening are:

1) I plan to always have 50-75% of my plate be fruits and veggies.
2) I will make my grocery list and cost consist at least half of fruits and veggies, instead of getting just spinach, carrots, and 2 kinds of fruit each week like I used to buy.
3) I’m getting in the habit of eating fruits and veggies when I’m hungry instead of grabbing a quicker, sweeter, snack.
4) My stomach is surely shrinking.
5) I’ve always wanted a garden and now I’m doing it! YAY! I have no idea if it will produce (we have a lot of wildlife out here) but I am totally pumped.

One day this week, I’ll take pictures of the food I eat all day and share them on the blog.

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