10 day fruit and vegetable fast…

Before we left for vacation, I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on Netflix. It is so good, and I highly recommend seeing it! There are a lot of documentaries about health on Netflix, and I’m not sure if all the information is true or not, but this one is a testimonial and it’s impossible to miss the truth in it! Our bodies need a lot more “live” whole foods and a lot less of the stuff that has been through so much of a journey to our plate.

So, I’ve decided to do a 10 day fruit and vegetable fast. I know that I need protein, grains, and other stuff as well, and will add that back in after the 10 days, but it’s my hope to finish off the 10 days, “detoxed”, and with a new fresh vision for whole food eating.

My hopes are to back off (if not totally get off of) the acid reflux meds I take, and I also really hope to stop having anaphylactic allergic reactions. I periodically have these crazy reactions and I don’t know if it’s food, something in a med or supplement, or my environment. Because they are such different types of reactions than what I have to cats, dust, etc., I believe it is something I am ingesting. Also, of course I hope to see if any changes happen to my body and weight. I’m planning to simply walk 30 minutes a day, which is less than what I normally do for exercise, and drink plenty of water like I normally do.

Today is my first day. I had fun stocking up on fruits and veggies at the grocery, and I also have some other good whole foods for my family to eat, like fish, brown rice, chicken, zone bars, whole grain cereal, cheese, and almond milk. Yep, that was my grocery list! So easy! Those of you that know me, you know I already eat well and feed my family whole foods, but I had started to slip a little. Before vacation, we ate out a couple times a week, and there were a few too many granola bar type snacks being consumed instead of fruits and veggies. Now, I am excited about making sure there is a serving (for everyone) of a fruit and a veggie every time we eat. Here’s my plan:

Kids Breakfast: cereal, milk, fruit/spinach smoothie   
        Lunch: cheese, wheat crackers (triscuits), green peppers, strawberries
        Snack: almonds, raspberries, broccoli and dip
        Supper: fish or chicken, rice or quinoa, salad with lots of other veggies and fruits cut up in it
       (I am really blessed that my kids love fruits and veggies, mainly raw ones. I realize I’m lucky, but I also believe that if they are trained to eat these things first before they get any other food, they’ll get used to it and even prefer it. My kids at Disneyworld were always choosing fruit over cupcakes and broccoli over other buffet stuff. I wouldn’t even do that!)

My diet will mainly be fruit/spinach smoothies, big salads (I splurged on Craisins to help me!), and any fruits and veggies I want. 

 It certainly does make things simple.

I’m going to try to get on here everyday to write about how I’m doing…It’ll be some accountability. Let me know if you want to do it with me! When I’m done with the 10 days, I’m already thinking about how to possibly stay at something like 75% f & v daily, and one day a week, like Saturday or Sunday, be an off day to have the stuff that is a “sometimes” food as I tell my kids. Feel free to follow! I doubt it’s going to be easy, and I wouldn’t mind to have the company!

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