Ah…Breathing Again

I have no idea what I have learned from the past two or three weeks. It’s just been weird and a blur and I would like to be able to say that I handled it well. Instead, I’m exhausted and just now beginning to resurface.

Okay, that may be a little overdramatic! But I am honest in saying that I have to look at my calendar to remember what happened!
So…it all started in an effort to be open minded. That was my first mistake, haha. Jack and I love the idea of moving and starting fresh somewhere; we love the idea of doing a ministry together; we are dreamers and adventurers and sometimes you get tired of talking and you say, “Let’s do it! Why not now?”
We have looked at a couple opportunities, which interviews went pretty far, only to spend weeks praying, journaling, discussing until we’re sick of talking, making pros and cons lists, and even making some preparations to move, seemingly for nothing. I had a hard time sleeping and my biggest regret is I had a hard time connecting with the Lord. I felt chaotic inside as these decisions were being worked through and I hated it; yet I wanted to be open minded enough to consider these changes, because they were opportunities that I really could see us doing someday and we both are kind of looking for a change. I couldn’t say: “God is telling us to do this.” But I shy away from saying that like I used to. Did God tell me to do Sister Bridge or make this CD? I don’t know! I prayed for years about these things and the desire didn’t leave and the opportunity came. Same with adoption, homeschooling, and many other things I’ve committed to.
So I’m breathing again because of the two things I was able to articulate with some of my students today with their help (the adult ones, haha! I don’t usually verbally process to my elementary age piano kids!)
#1 I feel like I have come to the conclusion that I am not ready for a season change, that God is not asking me for a season change yet. Pursuing Him, focusing on my marriage and kids and home, is truly a full time job. I wasn’t looking for more, and when “more” came knocking, it was not necessarily tempting, it was just that I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being closed minded if it was the Lord. But I think, THINK, that God is saying if we move it needs to be for Jack’s job/calling, not mine, because mine is non-negotiable right now. As much as I love missions, adoption, worship leading, singing/songwriting, etc., I can only do those things so much as they take their place in priority well under those other things I mentioned. I feel a peace in my spirit about that and am going with it!
#2 If I am wrong and I am just throwing away opportunities to do some neat stuff where the Lord would work past my limits and through my weaknesses, which I know for sure He CAN do, then I will simply miss out. I am choosing to take that risk. I know He sees my heart and my motives are pure, to the best of my knowledge. If I can’t handle what other women handle in their schedules or hearts or minds, who cares? I have to live by MY limits, meaning when I get to the place where I am missing HIM in the fullness I could have Him in, and I am missing my husband and kids in the fullness I could offer to them, which happens to me often, then I have to take a big step back and make sure I am being faithful to the calling I have received. So, all that to say, I may be missing the mark big time, but if I am, I am doing it for Him. I just can’t take the risk of missing what matters most.
It bothers me that during these days of decision making, I felt so distant and dizzy. Surely God didn’t want me looking at anything or anyone but Him during these days…but I just couldn’t think or see straight. Hope God has mercy on my pitiful self when I really do have to make a big life change! 🙂
But for the time being, whether we move or not is uncertain, but I do know I am not open to anything that would feel like it was a stumbling block to that which I refuse to lose in the shuffle. I heard the quote somewhere that when your priorities are clear, your decisions are easy. Wish I would have remembered that 2 weeks ago.

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