A Conversation

You can think I’m crazy when I say I have conversations with God, or you can believe me because you do, too. Either way is perfectly acceptable. Last night, I was honored to gather my super-talented friends around to start practicing for my next CD, and it is just completely taking me by surprise! We had a great time, worked through about five songs, and everyone was just incredible…but afterwards I told Jack, “It feels so weird to be doing this. I know God is making it happen, I just can’t understand why.”
So I was about to go to bed, and the Lord said, “Why does it feel so weird that I am making this CD come together?” After thinking a lot about it, I thought, “I guess because You have taken away everything that was all about me, my identity and reputation and anything that I thought I was or could do…” And He so quickly replied, “Don’t worry, this CD is not about you either.” He’s not doing anything different or new…no, this is just a continuation. Now I will learn how to stay empty of my identity, reputation, and ability in the midst of “doing” things again that are a little more public.
Not that I am ready, but I see how for the past few years God couldn’t allow me to do anything that felt like it was special, or an accomplishment, even a conversation with someone where I walked away feeling like I had helped them, because I still put too much priority on “doing things for Him.” He rescued me from that mentality and lifestyle. I thought to go back to “doing” anything (what we might think of as ministry or something with our name on it) would be returning to that shallow existence. My life is hidden in Christ though now, and there are no words to describe what that feels like, what that IS like. It’s amazing to be gloriously oblivious to success or failure because that is not my race. My race is to know Him, and I have no energy for any other! So I feel like I can enjoy this CD process, as long as it doesn’t get out of balance with my time with the Lord and my family and my health (which is so difficult right now again!) Can’t wait to share more about it, and let my little songs get out to someone who might be pointed to Jesus through them!

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