Day Two of the Winter Blahs Blog

So our planet is too far away and too tilted to get much of the precious light and heat of the sun this time of year, or something like that (I was never very good at science) and that, my friends, stinks.

But this blog is all about helping myself and others joyfully survive my least favorite season, so let’s think about the good in this! Today what I was really thinking about, honestly, not just for this blog, was how Jesus is our Life Light.
In John, which I’ve just started reading again, he talks about Jesus being the light of man. It sounds like something from the Lord of the Rings. In the age of man, there is darkness, but when the Light appeared and made His dwelling here among us, “the darkness could not overcome it.” Sometimes my perspective of the world and it’s mess is that darkness has overcome, and we are waiting for rescue. In a way this is true, but if the real live Jesus lives in us and He is our Life Light, then WE overcome the darkness by simply setting foot in a place and knowing our authority there, knowing His authority there. As believers, what would happen if we believed and lived out this fact that the enemy has no authority over our lives, thoughts, actions, words…? I have been contemplating lately how many suggestions of the enemy tend to quietly come in, then change my feelings, moods, and actions in the end. A suggestion of the enemy can unwind my whole day, a relationship, a conversation, an attitude, a decision or direction…and to think, he had no authority in the room whatsoever.
I was watching my favorite show, Alias, one time. The “bad guy” came in the room where these CIA agents were making an important decision, and he made a suggestion about their course of action, and my favorite character, Sydney Bristow, looked at this guy for a split second then turned around to the rest of the team and quickly said, “He has no authority here. His way won’t be considered.” I guess for this to make sense you’d have to have some kind of topic in your own life that isn’t victorious; since I do, it is really clicking with me. How many times have I started out something that really was wise and good, and from the Lord, and a few days in I lost sight and gave up? That’s evidence of an enemy, and I am not that enemy.
Anyway, I don’t have a lot of time to blog so I don’t know if this darkness and light idea went in the right direction, but I know that we are truly dim and will remain so until we come near to the Lord. I mean that quite literally! I wake up to a brand new chance every morning, but my lights are not on…I am out of it, not excited about the day, about to just go through the motions of a dimly lit heart and mind. But God invites us to come into the Light, acknowledge the burning of the Holy Spirit’s flame inside of us, through eating some of His Word for breakfast and worshipping at His throne for a coffee break. As we are in the Light, the darkness will not overcome us. We may not be close to the sun these days, but we can get closer than ever to the Light.

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