Church and My Kids

My kids are hilarious.

We worship on Sunday mornings at the Vineyard here in Elizabethtown, and during the first hour of church, everyone stays together to sing. Then for the second hour, during the teaching, the kids have their own class to go to. It is usually really awesome for the whole family, and I love using that time to guide Selah in worshipping the Lord. (And Yemi, too.)

It’s the kind of environment where no one would barely even hear you if you literally “shouted to the Lord”, and you definitely can kneel down in prayer anytime you want without feeling weird. You can raise your hands and jump up and down if you want because no one would be distracted by you; they’re too busy interacting personally with Jesus. You might think this is a wacky church, but all I can say is that people are being touched by the personal love of God in that time, which I hope can be said for all the congregations meeting in that hour, no matter what that looks like for them.
Well, anyway, all that to say that yesterday my kids were worshipping, and I don’t know if it was for real or not, but as things were winding down, Selah yelled out “Jesus!” and then immediately Yemi yelled out “Jesus!” This happened as the instruments were quieting down and the worship leader was probably deciding whether or not to pray or sing more or whatever. Everyone kind of chuckled in an accepting and sweet way. Then before the worship leader could say anything else, and as the room had become completely quiet, Yemi yells out, “Amen!” It was just hysterical. The worship leader just laughed and said, “Okay, amen then.”

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