The Break Up

This week, I did something I’ve known I needed to do for a long time.

I broke up with sugar.
It was a clean break, no negotiations.
It wasn’t exactly mutual, but he’ll just have to get over me.
Or is the other way around?
Sugar is like a bad boyfriend, really. After the break-up, he has showed up everywhere I am. I’m like, “Really? Seriously?” I mean, come on! Like I want to see him every time I see my friends!
I told him we could rendezvous a little on holidays, but we will not be alone together under any circumstances!
It would be nice to never be near him again, but alas…this is not realistic. He’ll be hanging around forever, sometimes even hidden when I least expect him. However, I am sure that this was the right decision for me. He was not good to me, and he’s never going to change!
Life is sweet enough without him. (So take that!)

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  1. Love it! I wish you the best. My breakup was almost two weeks ago. However, the little booger showed up tonight as he lied to me and said the chocolate chip muffin top was NOT a sweet and then also lied and said it was for cory… however… I have no intentions of seeing that rascal again for awhile.

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