Arbys and Allergies

Okay, I still don’t know what happened today! I took the kids to Arbys, had a sandwich and about 10 curly fries, and 30 minutes later, I was in an ambulance with the symptoms of anaphylactic shock. I still have a headache and my stomach still hurts from it. It is so weird how I am having more sensitivities and allergic reactions than I was before I started eating really healthily and taking supplements to heal my adrenals. Surely what I am doing is good, and my body was just shocked by something in the food, but it hasn’t been very long since I ate fast food. In fact, I’ve eaten pizza several times in the past 2 weeks!

This allergic reaction is the worst one I have ever had. With cats, I break out into hives and a headache, and have trouble breathing. Today, I had all of that, plus much more. My legs and arms hurt so bad I ended up not being able to walk, and my stomach hurt more than when I was in labor. I wonder if I will ever know what ingredient caused this! I have read stories in my books about adrenal fatigue that sound just like this; about people who have a reaction to rancid oils (which definitely is what I had today: reused, old oil to make fries) or who all of a sudden have bodily systems jump off the deep end because they have been in need of repair for so long.
Although these people will never read this blog, I am so so so grateful to Dr. Kristina Knisely and her whole staff at Norton Community Medical Associates. This is Selah’s pediatrician’s office. They were so wonderful and caring to me and my girls until the ambulance came for me. I am so thankful I made it to their office, and they helped me, because I didn’t want to make a big deal about what I was experiencing but it was getting really out of my control. I’m so thankful for Jack’s grandma, Pat Hodges. She is always there for us. All of us! I don’t like to be a person in need, but today, I really really was. I could not take care of myself and my girls for that 45 minutes or so. It was scary and I couldn’t even dial the phone, but God provided really loving people to help us through it. (It made me want to be one of those loving people that can be called upon!)

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  1. Oh Lyn! I want you to be well so badly!! I’m sitting here just bawling because I’ve been in similar situations and I know how it feels to struggle against being “a person in need”.

    I,too, have very strong reaction to rancid cooking oil. Imagine that?! Today’s not my day either. Just a hour ago the right side of my face started swelling. Now my lips are begining to swell. I’m sitting here crying for both of us.

    Perhaps what you’re experiencing is a “healing crisis”. A friend explained that term to me the other day. I need to read more about it.

    I’m still waiting on my phone but I will call asap. I’m so looking forward to talking with you.

  2. I’m so thankful everything worked out so well under the circumstances. God definitely had it all under control. Hopefully this will be a point of reference that will allow you to get further answers. I’m sure God has much good that will come from this. I can’t imagine how scary it must have been!!
    Dr. Knisley is the GREATEST!! We love her, she is an awesome doctor with an amazing heart!

  3. Cottonseed oil. It’s only used for fried foods at Arby’s and one type of bun. I had to stop eating there because of it. I also can’t eat pringles chips, or anything else that has cottonseed oil.

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