The Last Month!

Where do I begin?

May was such an absolute blur, and to be honest, I’m glad it’s done with. I’m hoping June will bring some slower, lazy days where we can go to the pool, actually think about what we’re eating instead of cramming in “party food”, and not have lots of stuff to write in on the calendar. I guess some people like being busy, but I’m not really one of them…
However, I do love being with friends, family, and showing love to people, so these are worthy things for the calendar space! We plan to go to Holiday World with my mom and dad; hopefully see little baby Jackson, my new nephew who was born on Jack’s birthday, just last week; spend time with Jack’s family as we rejoice that his mom is out of the hospital and doing better; go to the zoo and water park with friends; have a family get-together midsummer to celebrate as Yemi turns 2 and Selah turns 5. (We are combining their birthdays now! Yay for consolidation!)
Selah actually turned 5 TODAY! We have had lots of birthday fun with her, I’ll post about that later. Also, I’ll be excited to post about the good things happening in my health lately and the improvements I am starting to see.

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