Am I Crazy to Be Homeschooling?

Today is one of those days I would gladly send Selah Jordan Taylor away on a big yellow school bus. No tears, no sentimental moments thinking about how sad it is for her to be out of the house 8 hours a day. But most days of the week, I don’t feel this way. Most days, I feel like there is nothing else I’d rather be doing and no one else I’d rather invest in than my two daughters, and that very sentence has led me down the path to the rather controversial decision to homeschool.
Everyone has an opinion, but making a decision that WE can live with is really all that matters in the end. Will I always go back and forth wondering if I’m doing the right thing? Am I correct in believing that Selah will have much different habits, attitudes, and values if I have more time with her than public schoolteachers? Will I be creative and enthusiastic and motivated enough for this to be a good experience? If I am not healed, how can I do this? If I am not healed, how can I NOT do this?
Selah and I enjoyed this year of home school preschool. She is so advanced she could probably fit right into first grade this coming fall. It has been genuinely quality time that I would not have had with her since Yemi has joined the family. I am positive she will learn a wider and deeper range of information on more important (in my book!) subjects if I home school, and I am positive she will feel close and special to me as well. She will have plenty of interaction with friends through church, sports, AWANA, small group, etc., and we will be less busy as a family because so much can get done during the day time–these are two very important aspects of life to me. SO…may the Lord’s will be done. Pray for me!

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  1. I truly believe that all you HAVE to have is a heart for schooling your children and the rest will come together. You will be GREAT and your children will be blessed with all your hard work. We STILL need to get together… where DOES the time go??

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