Sacked by the Quarterback

This is a song I wrote last month about learning some humility. I cannot even explain how slow and thick my brain (and I guess my heart as well) seems to be! It’s hard for me to sit back and accept whatever challenges come my way; I want to figure them out, fix them, and quickly move on. God is teaching me this: My place is not up, fighting. My place is down, trusting. So opposite of how I thought I’d live my life; I may not have even obeyed if I wasn’t simply forced to the ground!


Sacked By the Quarterback (2009)
I know that this isn’t what people want to hear, but you see I’m falling here
One minute standing then out went the lights
Is nobody else crashing down on this battlefield it’s whirling around me still
little birdies and stars in the skies
Chorus: Well, now that I am down, I guess I’ll sing this song
all that I’ve tried is wrong, and all my fight is gone
Now that I’ve been sacked by the quarterback
here’s my new strategy, I’m taking time to see how much I need You.
Verse 2: Some people stop when they see they’re about to flop but I hold on ’til I drop
Mixing faith with my own stubborn dreams
Trying to stand so tall, trying to do it all, forgetting the root of me
is here in the ground, with my face to Your feet,
oh this gracious defeat, I can breath in relief,
I am chased to my knees once again, I am chased to my knees once again..

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