Observing Our Anniversary

This weekend Jack and I are “observing” our Anniversary, which is actually on January 1st. We just take the babysitters when they are available! We have been married almost 9 years…in love for 10 1/2! It is amazing how times goes by. I would say it flies, but I’m not sure it does honestly. I am thinking through each phase we have been through in our marriage, and some of them sorta dragged on I must say!

When we got married, we lived in a parsonage next to our first church, where I was the secretary and music minister and he was the youth pastor and associate pastor. Jack and I bonded a lot there because after the pastor resigned, we literally had our Monday morning staff meetings in bed. There were many great things about this season of our lives, and some difficult ones of course. I had just come home from Africa and was starting to struggle with a sleep disorder that would take years to diagnose. Jack was putting up with a wife who thought cheese, crackers and grapes were a lovely meal. Then all of a sudden, a new pastor came in and to accommodate his family, we literally packed all night, throwing our stuff in big black garbage bags so that the house would be ready for him the next day or so. After about 6 months of working with him, we realized we should have thrown ourselves in the big black garbage bags and quickly moved through the night. One more thing about this time: Buster. Buster the man eating dog who barked all night long contributing to my eternal sleep problems. Buster. Never in my life have I contemplated murder except in scenarios involving barking dogs! I once had this burnt bowl of chili I was throwing out to him (he was on a leash one foot from my carport), and I seriously considered poisoning it. But I didn’t. I promise.
Okay, so this blog just got us through phase one of our marriage. I’m sensing a series coming on.

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