I am so thankful to be feeling BETTER! Life has pretty much gotten back to normal in the past week, and I am ready to be involved in things at church, friendships, and extended family again! Also, I’m working out some dates to sing Christmas Music! So far, I’m singing at a nursing home, a “Merry Marketplace” event, a house concert, a store in beautiful Glendale…

If you see more on Facebook or email about my new songs or concerts, I am really just trying to dip my toes back in the water! It feels very weird to have a fan page or ask people to pass it on to others; or to promote my music, thinking people might be interested in what I have to share. It’s hard to get out there! But when I feel that way, like “why am I bothering to do this?”, I remember that God gave me these songs and voice and desire to share, just like He has given each of us our part to give and be in the Body of Christ.
Especially in concerts starting in 2010, I really want to look into opportunities to reach the people God is wanting me to reach. I guess in the past I have just waited for concerts or churches to sing at, but now I want to look for opportunities like women’s ministry, women’s correctional facilities/homes, nursing homes, college and youth age girl’s bible studies. I want to share info about partnering with global organizations like IJM, and connect our churches to the believers around the world in much different circumstances…
When I ask people to share my music, or give it as a gift, or “be my fan on facebook”, my heart is to get a song (that encouraged my close friends) out to people I haven’t met yet.

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