Just Catching Up

So, I am taking a moment to sort of “re-surface” here on my blog and my music Facebook page…I have missed blogging, singing, recording, and sharing. This week, actually with being sick and in bed, I’ve been able to just stop, breathe, and think about things other than my daily norm and check in with some of these other loves.

My daily norm revolves around my family, my home, my church, and homeschooling. I am deep in “reclaiming my education” as I teach my kids, grades Pre-K,  1st, 3rd, and 7th. (I really am learning a lot that I missed along the way…I wonder what I was doing all that time I was supposed to be learning?) Anyway…we are in Classical Conversations for the Pre-K, 1st, and 3rd, and the 7th grader has a co-op she attends for some of her schoolwork, too. We love what we are doing this year. It’s a good challenge for us all, and we also have planned in some good breaks since we do a kind of “year-round” school.

I’ve been praying about how to add in Music and Missions again into this daily norm, and I feel like God is not only giving me peace about it, but answers! My goals for music are to make another CD in the next couple years, of hymns and original songs, and I’d also like to make a Christmas CD as well. This is probably the biggest goal and will definitely require the Lord’s hand!! Also, I’d like to keep putting videos of my songs on YouTube since this is a great way for people to hear them–my old songs as well as my new ones as I write them. Lastly, at least once a quarter, I want to lead worship or sing at a concert or cafe. Sometimes that will be hosting a Mom’s Night Out and just worshipping together, or going to the nursing home!

Then when it comes to Missions–well, our lives are already engrossed in Missions with our connection to Haiti, prayer for the nations and so many adopting families, and my husband’s ministry position which leads him to Zambia, as they partner with another crisis pregnancy center there. But something on my heart beyond these things is Sister Bridge, and especially seeing if I can find ministries that do these two things:

  1. Share the gospel with the women they employ.
  2. Focus on employing women who are trying to keep their family together (versus putting them up for adoption because they cannot feed them).

If you aren’t familiar with Sister Bridge, it is an opportunity for people here to buy products from women around the world, with no profit being made by anyone but the women. This year, I am doing a very small version of Sister Bridge and only getting items from Timbali Crafts (www.timbalicrafts.org) and the Apparent Project (www.apparentproject.org). This will be our first year with Apparent Project, and I am looking forward to learning more about them to know if I want to continue. I chose them because they are in Haiti, and are literally and directly helping moms keep their children. I’ve read that women wait and wait for an opportunity to work there. The more we can sell, the more women can get their foot in that very important door.

That’s a bit of an update and maybe soon I can write a little more often!