Holistic Nutrition Bootcamp


June 17, 18, & 19, 2014

7-8:30 pm each evening

I’ll be teaching a Holistic Nutrition Bootcamp at Coworking of Elizabethtown, KY (5 Public Square)!

This is a 3 evening event for people who are looking to improve their health through better nutrition! This year I became certified in Holistic Nutrition, and while I am by no means an expert, I have some insight and information to pass on. It helps me stay on track to share it! I will be teaching on both the heart and mind behind making changes for wellness (your motivation!) as well as the day to day details of it (your plan!)

I’m passionate about nutrition because of the difference all this information and changes have made in my life. I have a chronic illness and once I started on the therapies I will share in this class, I became functional again and truly believe that food and other lifestyle choices can make all the difference.

I want to live in all the fullness God has for me, and I want you to as well!

We’ll talk about:
“Green light” foods
“Red light” foods
Super foods
Sample meal plans
Pairing proteins, carbs, fats for weight loss
Healthy fats
Warding off, even healing, diseases
What sugar is doing to our bodies
Breaking addictions

The cost of the 3 sessions is $40 per person, and will be collected in full at our first session. Hopefully everyone can come to all 3 sessions, but if not, the cost is the same regardless. 🙂 All funds will be going toward our adoption process.

Nutrition Group!?!

I am really excited about an idea…

And it feels do-able…

So here’s the details:


Over the past couple of years, I have come across a good bit of pretty life-changing information about food. When you have kids, you typically start looking into the health of what they’re eating (since they eat so much and so often!), plus I wanted to lose weight, plus I was dealing with fatigue, insomnia, and just illness in general. As stones were turned over and I put things in practice, I began to see long term change in each of these areas. Now, the real issue is do I follow all the good advice and do all I should now that I know what I know? Unfortunately, I can’t always say I do…but when I do, I absolutely see results and I know that if I can see results on the outside, then there are definitely results on the inside. (Plus, blood tests have proved it anyway.)


So, what I want to do is start a nutrition class/support group, and share what I have learned (and am still learning!) I want to cover what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and the biggest thing: the why behind it all. I want to talk about issues like good fats that you need to cook with/eat vs. ingredients that you should really never put in your body. I’d also like to talk about weight loss stuff (I’m always drawn to this topic because it’s always been an issue for me) and using food, supplements, and natural medicine to deal with many illnesses that especially women deal with. After the “teaching” time is done, (maybe four sessions) we could continue to see each other once a month just for support. I could personally use that. It is hard to stay on the straight and narrow!!!


I do sometimes wonder if everyone else already knows this information and I was the slow one…If that is the case, we can at least be a support group for each other even if no one learns anything new!

If you read this blog and are interested in joining the group, respond by answering some of these questions:

*Would you rather come to a one-time seminar or 4 meetings (once a week for a month)?

*Would you be interested in continuing as a support group for a few months after the teaching?

*Would you want to come mornings or evenings?


*Would you like to be notified when I write a nutrition blog?

Thanks! I really believe there is a lot of unnecessary suffering–sometimes even in things as serious as insomnia, depression, fatigue, diabetes, obesity–due to lack of knowledge. I have SO much to learn and what I have learned, I want to share!