Sister Bridge 2015

Hi Friends!

I just wanted to write a quick message to say that this Fall I won’t be having Sister Bridge parties, but hope to pick the ministry back up again if the Lord allows in a few years. We are investing our time right now in adopting two more little children, and my attention is needed here for the time being.

Having said that, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to buy items or even have Sister Bridge parties yourself if you would like to! I would love to connect you to the wonderful ministries we have represented over the years! Please just email me from this website’s “Contact Me” page and I will happily write you back with all you need to know.

I love Timbali Crafts, Beads of Java, Cooperative Outreach of India, New Hope for Cambodian Children, and Rahab’s Rope and I hope you will visit their websites and stay in touch with these wonderful ministries!

Spring Sister Bridge Sales!

Hey girlfriends!

Rahab’s Rope is seeing such incredible, God-sized dreams come true in India. Women are being freed from prostitution and finding hope in Christ! They are making beautiful items and earning an income they can be proud of. Women of God, don’t we want to rise up and let them know we applaud them, support them, and stand with them? Timbali Crafts is staying faithful and true to their calling, giving 100 amazing women a job making functional and beautiful items from African cloth, so that these same women, mostly widows, can volunteer all day at the local orphanages. We can minister to them by simply buying some birthday and Mother’s Day gifts from them instead of Target!! 🙂

We don’t usually do parties in the Spring, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it in the Fall, so here we go! There will probably only be a handful of parties but I am excited about getting together and blessing these ladies as much as we can. This blog post is simply to provide all the info you need if you are hosting or attending a party. I will post parties and info on the Sister Bridge Facebook page as they are scheduled.

Who and What is Sister Bridge?

Sister Bridge is simply a “middle-woman” helping women in need sell their crafts. Missionary organizations are working with women to free them from human trafficking or help them earn an income with a respectable skill, and they need people to help them sell their beautiful handmade items! We have been doing this for several years now and have sent back $50,000 to these ministries, 100% of the money going to the women themselves as these ministries are financially supported through other means (churches, families, etc.) We mainly do home parties or booths at events, and just for a small season of the year.  This Spring we will be specifically supporting the ministries of Timbali Crafts and Rahab’s Rope.

How You Can Help

Host a party and invite your friends, co-workers, neighbors, and church family! It can be at a women’s event at your church or at your home, it doesn’t matter. You give out invitations or make a Facebook party page, and perhaps make some snacks 🙂 I will bring all the inventory and take care of the money side of things. Yay!  I will mail you invitations once we have put something on the calendar!

What to Except Regarding Prices and Products

I will have aprons, bags, purses, overnight totes/diaper bags, children’s purses/aprons, one type of new colorful beaded bracelet and a small assortment of summer scarves. I will not have Beads of Java jewelry this time or COI card sets. The prices are great gift prices, ranging from $13 to $37. Most items are in the $15-$20 range and it is very good quality stuff! Every item will be individually priced. I can take checks or cash, and in some cases (depending on the Wi-Fi) I can take credit cards with a 4% fee.

Please just let me know if you have any questions! You can always send people to our Facebook page or if they would like more information, too. Hope to see you soon as we get the opportunity to bless these women together.




Rahab’s Rope


Throughout the year, I want to remind every one of the wonderful ministries that Sister Bridge partners with. You can host a party anytime just by contacting Rahab’s Rope directly! Your Sunday School class or women’s retreat would be a perfect way to both spread the word about what God is doing in India and help Rahab’s Rope rescue women in need.

Currently, Rahab’s Rope is starting a partnership with a new after care home that hopes to house 20 women who have been rescued from the sex trade. These girls are mainly high school and college age, and need holistic healing! Our hearts ache, knowing what they have gone through…but are we doing anything to help them and to stop these atrocities?

Through ministries like Rahab’s Rope we have an open invitation to directly make a difference. Life is busy and expensive for all of us, it just is! But God is calling us to re-examine our priorities I think! As long as there are young girls (or anyone!) sold into slavery in this world, I want to make sure I’m living in a just way: having my needs met and then seeking how to meet others. We pray for wisdom and direction and ways to help, and we can know for sure that God will give it.

All Wrapped UP!

So today was my last Sister Bridge party, and I got to wrap it all up this evening. Checks have been written. The items that are going back have been packed. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind this year, and I genuinely have told the Lord I didn’t think I could do it! But we did it anyway.

I’m really grateful for all the folks who hosted parties, invited friends, carried stuff in the cold, and made snacks.

I’m really grateful for the girls who took inventory and totally handled it on their own, simply bringing me leftover items and checks to mail in the end. Thank you Shannon Hampshire, Amy Nordyke, Linda Mulhall, and Kristen Koenig!

I’m really grateful for the answer to prayer that Timbali Crafts, Rahab’s Rope, and Beads of Java is to so many precious women. And you know, these ministries are an answer to prayer to me, too. I can’t tell you how many days and nights I have cried and sought the Lord for a way to help. I couldn’t move to these countries, I tried that! I couldn’t seem to do anything that mattered, anything that reached and touched like Jesus would. I’m so grateful there are missionaries on the ground, in the trenches, and we can support their work from here.

So…what you’ve been waiting for…The Total!!

2014 Season made $11,976.88

Seasons 2011-2014 Combined comes to $49,821.00

Glory to GOD!! Oh How He Loves.

Sister Bridge 2014: Why We Do This



Hello Friends!

I am really excited to be kicking off our fourth season of Sister Bridge. Can you believe in three short seasons we have sent back over $35,000 to these women overseas? I am so grateful for giving this idea a try…Several years back, I ordered some product and kept ordering more and more as women in Kentucky absolutely loved it and wanted so badly to help women in much different circumstances than their own.

This year, my health has been pretty rough again, but I was still led to order these products and say, “Lord, it’s Yours. Sell it if You want! I’ll do the little I can.” I was so compelled because of the stories I have heard this year. I’ll share a couple with you.

First, when I contacted the women who runs the ministry of Beads of Java in Indonesia about ordering some more jewelry and ornaments this year, she told me that last year our order literally kept the ministry afloat. She said it may have closed down if it wasn’t for that order. And mid-Spring 2014 as sales were low, one beadmaker decided to take a job in Macau instead of stay in Indonesia working for BOJ where she was safe from human trafficking. The missionaries were so sad to see her go, because it could very well be that she was walking into a terrible situation. This ministry exists to keep women from having to turn to slavery to have food on their table, and we are proud to support them and all they do. You can help BOJ by going to their website and purchasing Christmas gifts, booking a party, or ordering and selling mass amounts like SB does.

Second, I read a book by Holly Prosser, about her life story, her adopted daughter, and her adopted daughter’s birthmother who is still living today in Ethiopia. To make a long story short, I feel like I saw a movie as I read that book; I watched a birthmother who had already run away from an abusive husband have to take two of her children to an orphanage because the only job she could get was prostitution and she refused to let her daughters grow up in that environment. As a lover of adoption, I have to say what any of us who love adoption would say: Adoption is redeeming a bad situation and helping a need. It is beautiful and we are honored to be a part of it, but adoption is only fixing something that was never meant to be. Mothers were meant to be safe, loved, and able to take care of their children, period! But since so many are not, adoption exists. Anything we can do to keep mothers safe, loved, and with their children, we will do with all our hearts…And ministries like BOJ, Timbali Crafts, Cooperative Outreach of India, and Rahab’s Rope are doing that!!! They are keeping women from having to work degrading jobs with tyrant bosses, they are providing safe and godly community and friendships, they are offering hope in the gospel of Christ and counseling, and they are changing lives.

I could say more but I’ll save it for another day…

May God bless these precious and sacrificial missionaries and ministries around the world who are taking care of Jesus as they take care of the most vulnerable women and children in our midst. And may we stand alongside them in this calling!

Sister Bridge 2014 Is Coming!

I just wanted to write a quick little blog to say:

I AM SO EXCITED about partnering with four wonderful ministries this fall!

We have merchandise from India, Swaziland, and Indonesia. There are new items from EACH ministry, plus an entirely new partner in India who makes scarves, shawls, and headbands. I’ll post pictures and a price list as soon as I have time to get it all out and organized. Our first party is September 27, and it’s not too early to book one.

You can check out the websites of these life-giving ministries we are selling for while you wait!

Season coming to a close…

Wow, we have had an AWESOME Sister Bridge season this year!IMG_3195

I can’t wait to count it all up and see how much money we get to send back to these ladies around the world.

This year, we support women in Swaziland through the ministry of Timbali Crafts; women in India through the ministry of Cooperative Outreach of India; and women in Indonesia through the ministry of Beads of Java.

There were about eight women on the Sister Bridge team this year…meaning instead of me doing 25 parties, the items were dispersed among all eight of us and we went out to our own churches, family and friend gatherings, and venues to sell for the ladies. It has been so wonderful to have this team and we will definitely do that again next year if they are interested and willing.

If you are still wanting to shop, we can help you find a place even if it just means me sending you my address! There are still some items left, actually a good variety, so it’s not too late. Remember 100% of the money goes to these women, so it really is a bright light in comparison to Black Friday!!!

Thank you to everyone for your support this third year!

Price List 2013


Timbali Crafts 


(Most items are individually priced & all items will not be available at all parties)


Coin Purse $6     Wristlet $7    Kindle Cover $10


Apron $20    Table Runner $25


Set of 6 Placemats $20      Pillow Cover $10


Kid’s Sling $15     Ornament $5     Headband $6


Travel Bag $18     Diaper Bag $35


Shoulder Bag $25      Market Bag $15


Tote Bag $20     Sling Bag $22




Beads of Java


All Items Are Individually Priced, and range between $5 and $20




Cooperative Outreach of India


Box of Cards $6




Beauty from Ashes!


There are some gorgeous things showing up in big boxes on my front step! That can only mean one thing…It is almost Sister Bridge time!



I’m so excited that I get to do this! We are partnering for the 3rd year with Timbali Crafts, Cooperative Outreach of India, and Beads of Java, selling their handmade crafts for the wages of women in third world countries.


All year the ladies have worked and as they have worked, they have gotten to hang out with missionaries and other believerswho care about them. They’ve heard the Gospel, and they’ve had a good, safe, job. We get to partner in their freedom and their joy just by helping them sell their handiwork.


Like a quilt, they take pieces of material and magazine paper and bits of this and that and create something new, valuable, cherished…Just like God redeeming our scraps and seeing us as a new creation.



IMG_3196 IMG_3195IMG_3194

Sister Bridge 2013

I am SO excited!

This year, our third year, we have a Leadership Team of seven ladies who will be running Sister Bridge.

Early in October we will be sorting and pricing items that are currently on their way from around the world…Card Sets from India, lovely African material bags and aprons and more from Swaziland, and handmade paper beaded jewelry from Indonesia. October, November, and December we will be branching out all over Kentucky to bring these items to women who would like to purchase and support their “sisters” in third world countries. 100% of the money goes to the ladies who created these beautiful items!

I will be posting pictures and information about parties here on and on our Sister Bridge Facebook page, so make sure you stay in touch if you would like to be a part!