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This is a song I wrote several years ago but haven’t had a lot of opportunity to share it! It is my heart’s desire for this coming year though! I have always loved New Years…It is fun to reflect on the past year, but also wave goodbye to it in setting our faces toward the year to come. Whatever we have endured this year, God has used to grow us in maturity and perseverance. Whatever we will endure this coming year, God will be faithful, present, and at work. As believers, we dwell in a win-win situation. There is always healing, in God’s right and wise timetable. There is always hope, as we learn to hope with Him for the things on His heart. There is always enough, as our goals are aligned with His. He never fails at what He sets out to do…so this year, I choose to go with Him! Nothing held back from His gaze and power.

Blessings on your New Year!



My Top Five Favorite Christmas Lyrics This Year


I love lyrics, hence my love for songwriting! And so many Christmas songs are packed full of the best lines. Since (as I’ve shared a little in the past blogs) Christmas to me can so easily turn into just more to do and less to feel, I have been compiling a little list of lyrics that have helped me go to a deeper level of gratitude and meaning this season…Thought I’d share them with you.

1. From O Come Let Us Adore Him: “Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing…” When I heard an incredible worship band sing this song a few weeks ago, this line stood out to me and quickened tears to my eyes. The Father’s intentions, the Father’s promise, finally appearing in the flesh to do what only He could do. It’s a reminder to me that every purpose of God will come to pass, and nothing He dreams up, nothing He attempts, can be stopped. Just like when He said, “Let there be light…” His Word went forth and fulfilled His purpose, and we know His Word will never return void but it will always accomplish the reason for which it was sent! That is true for us today and I say Hallelujah!

2. From O Little Town of Bethlehem: “And in thy dark street shineth the Everlasting Light, the hopes and fears of all the years are met in Thee tonight.” There He is, bringing brightness, to anyone who would look to Him. As John the Baptist says, “Behold, the Lamb of God!”Every hope, every fear, put in its place now that the promise has been fulfilled. It doesn’t mean all of our hopes and fears are erased, it just means they are prioritized in a more correct fashion–they are fading, they are a passing thought, they are not our necessity. Because of Him, the ups and downs can be neutralized to a certain extent, just like a baby being held on a bumpy ride.

3. From Christmas Don’t Be Late (Alvin!!!): “We’ve been good but we won’t last; hurry Christmas hurry fast.” Oh, this just screams GRACE to me. What else can I say? We’re trying to hold on for dear life to our convictions and our good behavior, but we need a Savior! Quick!

4. From O Holy Night: “Til He appeared and the soul felt its worth.” The presence of Jesus makes all the difference to my soul. Whatever I fail at, whatever I succeed at, whoever people think I am, whoever I want to be but am not…because He came, because He loved me enough to die for me, because He lives, my soul can feel its importance, its purpose, its weight. Not because of anything I’ve earned but because He loves me, because He chose me. My heart longs for this for every human on the planet. What would the world look like if every soul felt their individual worth, without money or prestige or dominance or intellect? What if we all understood because of His love, His coming for all, His choosing us all, creating us all and calling us all by name, He proved our souls all have equal worth and our lives deserve equal honor?

5. From Winter Wonderland: “To face unafraid, the plans that we made…” It’s small but powerful! I think of the Proverbs 31 woman who can “laugh at the days to come.” Yes! The plans we have made, the paths we have chosen, the people we’re called to love and serve, the things we take a deep breath and dive into…We can go forward into the new year with peace, joy, perseverance, self control, and all of the other priceless, life changing gifts we are internally granted through daily fellowship with Holy Spirit.

Merry Christmas and may your day truly be filled with Him taking you deeper into His heart.




So…this past week, I got to go to Nashville and meet up with a new friend, a fellow singer-songwriter, Julie Keltonic!

She is a great singer-songwriter and mommy, and in our time together I also got to experience how genuine, kind, and Christ-focused she is. I have heard a lot of negative things about Nashville to be honest…when everyone is hoping to climb the same ladders, I can see how it would bring about some negative experiences. But I was blessed to hang out with this sister who has a ministry-minded motive in all she does there. I hope more of the Christian music industry will take cues from her, because what she is offering both in music and in spirit is exactly what needs to be coming through our radios, er, iPhone speakers.

We met for two afternoons and wrote a song called “Just Passing Through”. One thing we felt we had in common was that just in the past couple of weeks, we have seen devastating loss in the lives around us. While we knew we couldn’t provide a tidy answer for these sufferings, we did have some encouraging thoughts we wanted to explore starting with the lines: “We’re not meant to grow roots, we’re just passing through.” Here’s a little video for you!



I am empty as a canyon deep, You’re a canyon full

I am waking from a winter sleep, You are evergreen

I am always seeking my way back, You are true north

Always begging for the things I lack, You are royalty


I am faltering, You are mountain mighty

I am lost and lame, You’re a roaring lion

I am questions, You are love songs

I am embers, You are a wildfire


There will never be another like You

There will never be another like You

There will never be another like You


In this song, “Never Be Another”, I am so encouraged to know that as I am clueless and continuously getting it wrong- or lacking vision or wisdom or fire- He is never lacking, He is never weak, He is never even tired.

Exciting News!

Beloved CD outside

Just a quick little update…(Soon I hope to blog about the songs on Beloved and get the lyrics and chords up as well, but today, just a quick word!)

Beloved, the new worship duet EP by Joanna Black and myself, is now available for download on iTunes! Yippee! If you read this and have time, it would be amazing if you could write a little review on iTunes and/or CDBaby for this project. It would genuinely help us a lot!

And second bit of news…We were accepted onto Pandora! Praising the Lord for this, and I’m so thankful for the support of people who “liked” our music from the past so that this was possible. In about 3 months, Beloved songs will be available for listening on Pandora stations. If you haven’t made and cultivated a sweet Lyndsay Taylor channel, I hope you will!

Thanks so much, friends!

Beloved: Our New Worship EP!

Beloved CD Cover Outside


Hi Friends!

It is so much fun to get to announce this week that my dear friend, Joanna Black, and I have our new EP in hand. It wasn’t that long ago that we were hanging out in the basement with the piano and cello, singing these new songs for the first time…and now we get to share them with you! YAY!

There’s always so much to do when a new CD comes out and I have only done half of it, but I hope you will find the songs online or come and get a CD from either of us and enjoy! I will soon be posting on my Lyrics page all of the words and chords for the new 6 songs on Beloved, and getting the CD available on Amazon and Lord-willing, Pandora. Also, the songs should be available for download soon on iTunes, and for listening on Spotify and iTunes radio. In the meantime, a great way to purchase the CD or individual songs is to go to You can also find my other CDs on if you type my name in the search engine. As artists, besides buying a CD in person from us, the most financially beneficial site I sell from is (Sometimes people ask me that, so there you go!)

We plan to have our CD release party and concert as well as sell Sister Bridge gifts and Mountain Maid jewelry from Haiti on November 15th, 7 pm, at the Nexus Building in Elizabethtown. You can contact me personally if you need more info or want a CD before then! Thank you for your support! I feel really blessed to get to be a singer songwriter, putting out albums regularly, even if it is to small audiences. I am grateful, grateful, grateful to do what I love and have a way to share it!

Beloved CD outside

New CD Coming Soon

New CDJust a quick word here to say that Joanna Black ( and I will be releasing a new EP this Fall! We worked on these songs over the summer–it is a collection of worship songs I have written over the past couple of years. Her husband, Matt, was the producer and sound engineer, and we recorded out in their farmhouse here in Elizabethtown, KY. It is simple and sweet, but I think powerful as well.

There are 6 new duets on it: It Is Well With My Soul, Hallelujah, Never Be Another, Take Me In, Wells, and Love So Sure

And 2 duets from previous recordings: We Come Out Shining, and When Faith Runs Deep

It is titled “Beloved”, and we hope to have it available both for order and on iTunes in October.

Lyrics and Chords

Hey Friends!

Just in case someone comes to this site looking for lyrics/chords to my new CD, here’s the 411. First of all, I haven’t had time yet to type them up and post them. I’m sorry! But when I do have time to type and post them, they will be at
Currently, there are lyrics and chords on that site, but none from the new CD. Feel free to ask for specific songs to be put up first by going to my Facebook music page and requesting. Thanks!
Update:  Also check out her Lyrics page.