That’s What’s Up

It has been a long time since I’ve written anything–Honestly, it has been a crazy, crazy time in the life!

Since January, we’ve been crossing off adoption steps, some taking a shorter time than others…some just about giving me a heart attack. You can find me reciting under my breath any one of a dozen scriptures or song lyrics, as I try to embrace my frailty as a human and my strength as a beloved child of God. What that looks like is crying WHILE quoting, wondering WHILE believing, surrendering WHILE hoping…and a little bit of distracting myself with Friends marathons. 😉 I haven’t been a nut this entire adoption, thank God–just the past month or so, as it comes to the end. But as sweet 7 year old Yemisrach told me a few days ago: “Mom, don’t worry. God will bring them here exactly when He wants them here” and that is the truth! I love what He is teaching me about being faithful with what is in my lap for today, enjoying my family right now, and remembering I exist for Him not the other way around! He’s preparing me for the whirlwind that is next with all this time. For anyone who wants a timeframe, oh how I wish I could give you one! I just don’t know anything! (Talk to God about it.)


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