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Hello, sisters and brothers! Today, I will blog about what to do when you have to leave home. I, actually, am going to Haiti in a month to visit my two new sisters, Orlanka and Woodjina. I will be meeting them for the very first time, so naturally, I am nervous. (And excited too, though!)I have my fears about going there. But I can get through it with God’s help. But also, if you didn’t have any fears about where you are going. Like, for example, let’s say you’re going to Florida, and you’re SO excited. No problem there, right? And, I am not accusing you of doing this, but some people forget about God while they’re relaxing. And so, when you go somewhere, remember who gave you this trip, who loves you during this trip, and who rocks your world on this trip. Go in peace, dear friends. Merry Christmas!

Bible Verse:

Psalm 121


Luv ‘n’ Stuff,

   Selah J. Taylor





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