160 Word Devo for the Week!

Hi! This devotion is about when the evil in the world seems overwhelming. This is common with every human ever made. Sometimes, I either want God to come here and fix it, or curl up in a ball and give up. I begin to think, what’s the point? Why keep trying? It’s hopeless, anyway. Then, someone has to tell me that I can’t change it, but I can help it. You see, a lot of people think oh no, I can’t do anything! I can’t be a missionary! It cost money to fly where you want to go, you have to learn their language, etc. But they’re wrong. Changing the world starts with prayer. Have you ever heard of a food chain or a food web?  Every food chain or web starts with sunlight. God is your sunlight. Pray to him about your troubles.  He won’t let you down.


Bible Verse:
Romans 8:28 and Luke 11:5-13.


Luv ‘n’ Stuff,

Selah J. Taylor


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