Your Glory

Whew. Since we got our referral in May 2015 for our two little Haitian princesses, I have been on a completely different wavelength and music really hasn’t joined me there! I’ve been traveling, reading and praying, studying Haitian Creole & TBRI, and trying to remember to do things like, you know, eat. But I have these songs sitting here…and they’ve been beckoning me to do a rough recording at home of them. So today I gave in, and here is one of those songs!

This is “Your Glory” which doesn’t need a whole lot of explanation, but I will say–I love the thought of God’s glory being so full and never-ending that it extends to every inch of sky and land that He created. It’s more than we’ll ever see in a lifetime and more than we’ll ever hear or feel or taste, too.

And just standing in awe of that Glory is worship and so very worthwhile.

Hope you enjoy!

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