Shifting Into the New School Year

Hi! This is Selah, coming at you live from my super old but also awesome desk! So, what I am blogging about today is the new school year. I’m pretty sure everyone has started school by now in Hardin County even though there might be a couple homeschoolers that haven’t. I go to Lincoln Trail Elementary and have just started fifth grade. I love my teacher, Mrs. Grey and I really like all of the other teachers too. I switch three times and so it is kind of hard to keep track of everything but I feel pretty good about the schedule. It is a public school, so I have my challenges but God is with me. I keep in mind Romans 8:28 when I am discouraged or about ready to give up. There are so many things to worry about! Like, for example, making sure your outfit fits the school dress code, or that you slept in and missed the bus and now you are in the depths of despair, or when your binder dumps on you and you are the biggest dork in the school for two minutes, or even getting all of your homework done in a timely manner. It all is a big deal to you, isn’t it? But to God, it’s like, no big deal. It’s okay to care, obviously, but in God’s eyes, if you didn’t do anything wrong, (and even if you did), or you tried your hardest and came to him about it, it’s cool. Boom, gone. Doesn’t matter at all. I’m totally not saying that it ends up all perfect the next day, (“Tomorrow, tomorrow”, no, I’m kidding.) I am just telling you now that it doesn’t have to be a big honkin’ huge deal. If you give it to God, it will not matter as much. For instance, if you got a 87 percent on that big test, if you give it to God privately, and really submit, he will give you peace.  Ta-da! Lesson for this month has been announced! 🙂 So, school subjects… In Math, I am learning about the Order of Operations or GEMDAS. (Grouping Symbols, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, Addition and Subtraction.) In Writing, we are learning about why we write and the Writing Process. In Reading, we are learning many things, inferencing, what a climax is, Problem and Solution, and others. In Social Studies, I am learning how to summarize the land bridge theory and memorizing the major physical landmarks of the United States and the oceans and continents. I am having fun writing my book (which I will blog a sneak peek of) and playing three instruments. I send a blessing to you and/or your kids. Even though I don’t know your name, I have you in my prayers. Go out into the world and spread the holy fire! Have a great month! Bye!

Luv ‘n’ Sunshine,

   Selah J. Taylor


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