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When the Rooster Crows



I thought of this intro on Good Friday, and wrote it on the Saturday after. That’s right, I wrote it in the time when the world was dark. Literally. My mom was talking about the story of Peter when he says he doesn’t know Jesus three times before the rooster crows and I just kept thinking about this more and more. We all know how discouraging, sad, great, funny, crazy, and scary life can be. And even if you have only experienced one or two, you most likely will discover all of them. We are here to help, share, and be kind to people who don’t know Jesus yet. I am writing this book to help you (and me!) walk faithfully in this journey to Heaven. Please join me as we plunge into darkness, skip through grassy valleys and get to know the lord better in “When the Rooster Crows”. Thank you.



Do you want to be a Christian? I already am one and I am so glad. Maybe you just heard it somewhere and are curious. Awesome. Or maybe you have been thinking about it and just can’t decide. That’s great. Or you want to but are afraid what other people will think, especially your family. That’s fine too. Either way, you want to get to know Jesus and that is the best thing ever. Here are some steps to getting to be a Christian. (1). Believe Jesus died on the cross and died for you and your sins. He died on that cross thinking of you. (2). Pray your own special prayer asking for forgiveness of your sins. He will throw them deep down to the bottom of the ocean where no one will ever hear, speak, or think again. You will be free. Satan’s chains will be broken. You will be free. (3). Ask a parent or church leader to baptize you in the name of Christ. That is the cleansing of your soul. (4). Pray. Pray and pray and pray. Not to be boring but it’s true. But the fun thing is, you can have any kind of quiet time you want. It can be listening to music and praying, writing in a journal, and reading your bible. It can be taking a hot bath and praying. It can be dancing and singing and whatever to him in worship. And it doesn’t have to be this soulful ballad. It can be Pop Christian like Jamie Grace or it can be Rapping Christian like TobyMac. Anything!! God loves it when you are happy. So to be simple, do what makes you happy. There are different things for different people. Ask yourself, What do I like? What helps me to connect and be in step with God? Bible Studies are great too. Also make sure to be careful about the people you hang with. God loves you and he always will.

Luv ‘N’ Stuff,

Selah J. Taylor


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