Why Do We Share?

Before I get going on what I want to write about today, I just want to say something that’s been rolling around in my mind awhile.

Ever since the kids started going to school and I’m no longer homeschooling, I have this time to just be…think connected and uninterrupted thoughts…pray and listen…and write. So more blogs are coming, more songs will be written, more thoughts will find a way to be expressed. But why? Why share?

Why do I write? Why do I sing? Why do I share? One, it’s because if a truth spurred me on in my faith, I want to pass that along for others to experience as well. That’s one of the ways I personally grow–when the intimacy of one’s life with Jesus seeps out a little and I catch a glimpse of it, my fire is reignited, and believe me, I need my fire reignited! But you know, none of what I have to say or sing or share is original. It didn’t originate from me. I don’t tweet or blog or song-write thinking I have invented something…I’m watching the river of life rush by, and I grab onto whatever I can find from the Spirit of God, and as I grab it up and hold onto it for that day, I think, “Maybe someone else needs this, too.” And the second reason why I write and sing and share, regardless of the amount of people who read or listen or see, is because I need the discipline and accountability to keep learning and to get what I’m learning down “on paper”. Writing can be a scary thing because once you’ve put those words together, you’ve admitted to what you’ve grasped, you’ve become responsible in a way for that information. And the work, the wrestling, that it takes to grapple with God over something and come to a conclusion -at least for now- is no small thing.

I need to do this work. I need to be reminded of truth all day long. The power of creativity, words, art, nature, beauty, music, expression, stories, and passing those things on,  is that truth can meet us again and again in brand new ways. It’s a gift and we shouldn’t be shy to share it. And we shouldn’t ignore the amazing resource of believers around us whose creative offerings can help us grow in our faith!

There are lots of speakers, writers, singers, artists, teachers with lots of listeners and followers…But no one big name out there holds the keys to the truth of God. We all hold those keys. I love reading certain blogs, I love listening to certain teachers, I love worshipping with certain singers, but I genuinely believe that there are millions of people just as connected to God, just as gifted, just as able to express truth in life-giving ways all over the world. Some are hidden by the Lord for a time as He matures them, some are martyrs (oh to read their journals! to hear them worship!), some are moms expressing His love in the privacy of their own homes as they teach math to yawning kids and joyfully make their 10,000th peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Some are prayer warriors, some are bloggers, some are worship leaders in churches that average 40 people a Sunday. It just doesn’t matter.

There will never be enough lovers of Jesus letting their walk with Him seep out just a little into this dark world.

I used to think, “Is it narcissistic to blog? To put pictures on Instagram? To share my videos of new songs on YouTube?”  I wondered if it was wrong for me to want people to know about my music. But finally I understood. It’s not about me. That inner compulsion to share my songs and my writing, what I’m learning, what God is speaking, wasn’t from me or about me. It was from God and it was about believers using whatever means they have been given to teach and encourage believers as they face their daily trials, and to introduce the world to a little of what it means to know Jesus, from this one perspective.

So, this isn’t where I thought this blog would be headed today…I’ll write another day this week about that…but I feel like it’s God’s reminder to me (and you) that every one of us has been given a voice, a gift, and truth as we live in communion with His Spirit– and that truth needs to be shared in your own way for the benefit of those around you. We are all strug-a-ling, friends! We all need a fresh infusion of the Word and the Spirit, the Bread and the Wine, so much more than we admit or realize. When we are lacking, there are others around us who have life to share with us. We shouldn’t be too ashamed or too stubborn to recognize our lack, and be led to the Well to be filled! When we are full and brimming over, there are those around us who are thirsty, so we shouldn’t think we’re too small or too unknowledgeable or too imperfect to pass on truth.

What has He spoken or given to you that has refreshed your spirit and walk with Him? Breathe it in.

Maybe there’s someone around you who needs that fresh wind. Breathe it out.

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  1. ahh, yes! I so relate and struggle with the same thoughts and wonder if people judge my intentions or are annoyed by me. It comes back to the things you said, accountability of self, seeking clarity and sharing what God is doing in hopes of encouraging others. Good post! Thank you!

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