February Adoption Update

I wanted to take a few minutes and blog about what is going on in our adoption!

First of all, it’s been almost a year since our dossier was accepted by the Haitian government. We hope that in the next six months we’ll receive our referral, which means pictures and info about the children we will be adopting. We have been matched but until we get a referral, it’s not official or sure, and so it is illegal for them to tell us much at all. We love our adoption agency (All Blessings International, in Owensboro, KY) and Haiti coordinator, who travels regularly to Haiti. It means a lot to us that she herself was a big part of making this match, after getting to know these children personally. We are so excited about the day that she will call us and tell us we can come visit!

When we go visit, it will be all four Taylors making the trip, for 15 days. Then we’ll come home for about 6 months and wait…We can make small trips to visit the children, but ultimately we won’t be able to bring them home until they say we can. So, we are easily looking at another year of our adoption journey if not more.

While I wish it would happen today, I have such peace in God’s timing. These kids could be up to 6 years old and God knows what needs to happen in their hearts and lives while they wait. It will be a big transition for them, unlike the transition for a young infant. God knows the time they need. Our family is going through changes and challenges as well, and God knows what we need to learn to prepare for the new arrivals. God’s writing this story. I don’t even WANT to jump in and change it. He has these Haitian children in the palm of His hand, just as much as He has Selah and Yemi in the palm of His hand.

And in my prayer time today I had this thought: “If God can orchestrate the incredible generosity that has been poured out on us from members of His body, He definitely has His eye on those precious children and will orchestrate every step of this process for them.” He has been faithful in our finances, how much more so will He be faithful in these lives being rescued?

So that does bring me to money, and I have awesome news.

We started out this adoption of two siblings knowing we would need $50,000 approximately. To those who have given financially, I will be sending out (when our adoption is drawing to a close) information about how that money was spent/used AND where that money came from (certain fundraisers, our savings, our extra jobs we took on, giving-not who gave of course but the sum of all donations, plus grants, etc.) But just for this blog, I will tell you this amazing news:

We are now down to just needing $10,450!

It’s mind blowing. And I know for sure that people’s generosity, God’s generosity, grant foundations’ generosity, was not about or for Jack and Lyndsay Taylor. It wasn’t even for the two children who will someday be in our family! This generosity was poured out unto Jesus. Every penny, our’s or your’s or whoever’s, has been because our hearts are aligned with the heart of the Father, we’re joining Him in His love for justice and compassion. His heart for the fatherless has been deposited in us, and we are honored and thankful for the opportunity to bless Jesus as we bless the least of these. It’s a joy. And we don’t take it lightly that we get to be a part of that.

We do not take it lightly that SO MANY have chosen to be a part of this with us!

Thank you!

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