Breaking Through The Fog

Surely I’m not the only one to feel the fog. That uncomfortable state of feeling unconnected to anyone, even yourself, and definitely God. You can’t remember the truths you always fall back on for comfort, and you can say the words but they don’t mean anything at the moment.

Some days you wake and the fog is not there; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually you’re alive and awake with light feet, no dragging. Aren’t those the greatest days?

There was a voice in my head, and then a literal voice of a friend, saying to me like a lighthouse in the middle of this fog:

“But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith!” Jude :20

Yes! Truth my brain could grasp! There is something I can do while I wait this out!

Like when you have a cold or some other sickness that weakens your senses and resolve and enthusiasm for life, you build up your immune system. You do purposeful things to get strong again, to treat your body to some kindness and goodness and wellness. You take extra vitamin C, get extra sleep, eat extra veggies and fruit, stay hydrated with echinacea  or super triple antioxidant berry tea–whatever it is, you find ways to physically put into your body whatever it needs. Why does it need the extra TLC right now? Who knows! The stresses of life is probably a sufficient enough answer! It doesn’t matter WHY your body is a mess and needs the time of strengthening, it just does, and we do what we need to do.

The same is true for our spiritual nutrition, our spiritual immune system. The stresses of life want to take us down for the count! The enemy wants to take us down for the count! But we have a defense; we can build ourselves up in our most holy faith. We can surround ourselves with truth and hear it, say it, read it, sing it, gulp it down like a giant bottle of Emergen-C.

He takes care of the rest.

Do we feel better immediately after a dose of physical nutrition? Not necessarily. But it is doing something internally that will benefit us at a later date. The same thing goes with the Word, worship, prayer, putting on our armor, soaking. In the unseen, battles are being fought, faith is being built. We are reminding the enemy and ourselves that there is action we can take against the moods and stress and stuff of this temporal life when we choose to build ourselves up in our most holy faith.

Whether we wake up to fog or a brilliantly blue sky, we’re not a slave to whatever we wake up to. The grey does not own us. We have everything we need for life and godliness (2 Pet. 1:3); we can choose today to fortify ourselves for tomorrow. And of course our efforts are only a small part of how we are reached by His goodness; He promises that every day His mercies are new (Lam. 3:23)!

May we, by His grace, commit ourselves to reaching forward and grasping them!


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