Rahab’s Rope



Throughout the year, I want to remind every one of the wonderful ministries that Sister Bridge partners with. You can host a party anytime just by contacting Rahab’s Rope directly! Your Sunday School class or women’s retreat would be a perfect way to both spread the word about what God is doing in India and help Rahab’s Rope rescue women in need.

Currently, Rahab’s Rope is starting a partnership with a new after care home that hopes to house 20 women who have been rescued from the sex trade. These girls are mainly high school and college age, and need holistic healing! Our hearts ache, knowing what they have gone through…but are we doing anything to help them and to stop these atrocities?

Through ministries like Rahab’s Rope we have an open invitation to directly make a difference. Life is busy and expensive for all of us, it just is! But God is calling us to re-examine our priorities I think! As long as there are young girls (or anyone!) sold into slavery in this world, I want to make sure I’m living in a just way: having my needs met and then seeking how to meet others. We pray for wisdom and direction and ways to help, and we can know for sure that God will give it.

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