Your Voice

Sometimes at the beginning of a new year, the Lord will give me a word, phrase, or picture that brings life into focus.

This year, it is simply that He is like a magnet. He is the force inside of me that is my only hope of gravitating toward wisdom, gratefulness, and loving Him and others. I realize sometimes that it has been so long since I asked for help in some areas; I keep trying so hard, working so hard…And then when I ask, there He is, the gravitational force inside of me steering me toward being what I could not be on my own. This is the power of Christ in me! This is the mystery of saying, “I cannot do that…but I am.”

He IS the Life inside this body. He is the fire.

And He is also the magnet that continuously seeks to draw me close. It’s not me. It’s Him. Oh, it’s all His never tiring grace! Let’s succumb to the never tiring grace, my friends!


I wanted to share a little of a song I’m still in the process of writing:


Like a memory

like a beacon

like a magnet

You’re seeking

whom Your heart desires

something in me catches fire again

Your voice it calls me in


It’s not us, it never was…that seeks Him, that blesses others, that speaks truth, that ministers, that makes holy choices, that knows which way to go. It’s His voice, it’s His kindness, it’s His real life really living inside of us.

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