This Year Video


This is a song I wrote several years ago but haven’t had a lot of opportunity to share it! It is my heart’s desire for this coming year though! I have always loved New Years…It is fun to reflect on the past year, but also wave goodbye to it in setting our faces toward the year to come. Whatever we have endured this year, God has used to grow us in maturity and perseverance. Whatever we will endure this coming year, God will be faithful, present, and at work. As believers, we dwell in a win-win situation. There is always healing, in God’s right and wise timetable. There is always hope, as we learn to hope with Him for the things on His heart. There is always enough, as our goals are aligned with His. He never fails at what He sets out to do…so this year, I choose to go with Him! Nothing held back from His gaze and power.

Blessings on your New Year!



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