So…this past week, I got to go to Nashville and meet up with a new friend, a fellow singer-songwriter, Julie Keltonic!

She is a great singer-songwriter and mommy, and in our time together I also got to experience how genuine, kind, and Christ-focused she is. I have heard a lot of negative things about Nashville to be honest…when everyone is hoping to climb the same ladders, I can see how it would bring about some negative experiences. But I was blessed to hang out with this sister who has a ministry-minded motive in all she does there. I hope more of the Christian music industry will take cues from her, because what she is offering both in music and in spirit is exactly what needs to be coming through our radios, er, iPhone speakers.

We met for two afternoons and wrote a song called “Just Passing Through”. One thing we felt we had in common was that just in the past couple of weeks, we have seen devastating loss in the lives around us. While we knew we couldn’t provide a tidy answer for these sufferings, we did have some encouraging thoughts we wanted to explore starting with the lines: “We’re not meant to grow roots, we’re just passing through.” Here’s a little video for you!

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