Hi friends, supporters, and precious people who listen to my music!

I want to tell you something.

Back in February I went to a conference at the Vineyard in Campbellsville…It was about creativity, and God spoke to me in a really different way there. I began to realize through the sessions that I had backed off and backed down over and over when it came to my music. I thought it was humility but really it was fear. Since then, I’ve been praying and searching how to pursue possibilities. How to be exactly the artist I need to be. How to thrive in whatever environment I’m in. How to be faithful with little and be ready for more. How to not be afraid of both failure, and how to not be afraid of success.

And I’m not sure all of the steps ahead of me, but I did decide to send a demo (four songs) to a great Christian label and I’m also sending a link to my website to a great Christian publishing company. (This is how submissions are supposed to be handled, per their websites.) The purpose in this is to see if they are interested in my writing or in me as an artist.

All I can think about is what I’m not, like “It will take them 10 seconds to hear and see all I am not…” but I pray that they will see what I am.  I’m real, honest, transparent, communicating His heart the way He reveals it to me, to the Church and to the world, in my own way. We all have a voice. I’m praying God may make mine a little louder. New territory.

So will you pray with me? I feel no urgency about this. I’ve been singing and writing for over 18 years! I’m going to keep doing what I do and thanking God for every opportunity. But will you pray that :

1- I won’t sabotage myself.

2- The right people at the right places would take the time to listen to songs and think about what could be.

3- The enemy wouldn’t get any territory on either end.

4- God would give me vision and direction.

Thank you! I appreciate you!

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