Raised to Walk in Newness of Life


Every now and then, Jack sends me a text showing me a picture of something that happened this time last year or even five years ago…Today, I received this picture of him baptizing our firstborn, Selah Jordan. This picture evokes something in me I really am too overwhelmed to explain…it’s just pure joy and beauty. Baptism is one of the most joyful and beautiful things I have ever witnessed.

It seemed crazy to me that one of my first thoughts upon seeing this picture today was, “Wow, I never noticed how much this baptismal looks like a coffin.” Before I could think, “You are such a weirdo, Lyndsay”, the Holy Spirit affirmed it, saying, “YES! It should look like a coffin…As disturbing as it is to see your daughter in a coffin, she was once dead and has now been resurrected! Look at that face! She’s got a second life to start living now!”

This is what Jesus is all about. This is what He does, what He IS! He is the only One who can wash away and even make beauty out of our past and breathe new daily breath into our future.

And there was more…I thought about children who have passed away, or loved ones who knew Jesus who have left us. The moment their bodies were ready for the coffin, this look on Selah’s face as her Daddy raises her up out of that water, THAT was the look on their faces when their Abba pulls them from the grave into His arms! The resurrection is REAL, friends!!!!! One day, that will be us going down, only to be raised up again, and it’ll be sheer, unlimited joy and beauty.

Until He comes, we’ve been raised… to walk… in newness… of life.

Thank You, Jesus!




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