How to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays! Part One…



So I raise my glass and propose a toast to staying well and also not gaining weight over the Christmas Season! The actions we take to stay well AND the actions we take to not gain weight are one and the same, go figure! They simply go hand in hand.

There is no reason in the world why we have to bring in the New Year  feeling sick, miserable, and ready to take on insane exercise routines and diets. Let’s just SKIP ALL THAT this year! Here are some things I am going to stay conscious of…No rocket science here, but as I was thinking through my strategy I thought I would share it with you!

1) Drink more water than ever! I am trying to do a full 32 oz water bottle by lunch and another by supper.

2) Get some detox tea or echinacea tea and drink it hot several times a week. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to swap out your lunch most days this month with a homemade protein shake with flax seed, chia seeds, spinach, berries, and all the good stuff that helps keep you squeaky clean and well-nourished.

3) Take a daily 10-15 minute “nap”, eyes closed, no TV. Yoga wouldn’t be a bad idea either, I love it!

4) Have some Oscillicilium (Sorry, I have no idea how to spell this!), Cold Eeze zinc tablets (yes, I know they have disgusting artificial sweetener in them which I usually avoid like the plague), and Vitamin C powder packets on hand ON TOP of your regular whole food vitamins. It is truly amazing how these three things, or even just one of these, can shorten a cold. Also, I have learned with having bad allergies that it doesn’t matter whether your symptoms are from a cold or just allergies, you need relief! So, stock up on antihistamines so that when the icky drippy stuff starts happening, you can dry it up and keep from getting an infection. My favorite one is Chlor-Trimeton, it works wonders for me.

5) Get in bed before 11, with just a few exceptions you crazy party animals!


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