Season coming to a close…

Wow, we have had an AWESOME Sister Bridge season this year!IMG_3195

I can’t wait to count it all up and see how much money we get to send back to these ladies around the world.

This year, we support women in Swaziland through the ministry of Timbali Crafts; women in India through the ministry of Cooperative Outreach of India; and women in Indonesia through the ministry of Beads of Java.

There were about eight women on the Sister Bridge team this year…meaning instead of me doing 25 parties, the items were dispersed among all eight of us and we went out to our own churches, family and friend gatherings, and venues to sell for the ladies. It has been so wonderful to have this team and we will definitely do that again next year if they are interested and willing.

If you are still wanting to shop, we can help you find a place even if it just means me sending you my address! There are still some items left, actually a good variety, so it’s not too late. Remember 100% of the money goes to these women, so it really is a bright light in comparison to Black Friday!!!

Thank you to everyone for your support this third year!

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