Anyone Insane Yet?


So…has everyone heard the definition of insanity? Someone told me a while back, and it kind of comes back to me on a regular basis. It’s pretty wise, honestly. Insanity is when you keep doing the same thing but expect a different result. Or at least that is what will make you insane! And when it comes to trying to be healthy, many of us including myself, have been driven to the point of near insanity by doing a plan and continuously seeing no change in clothing or size or weight.

There are fewer frustrating things in life than trying really hard and not seeing any results at all.

I’ve been there for about 4 months with my exercise and eating routine. The thing is, whatever you choose to do to lose weight, that will only work for so long. Then you plateau and have to take it up a notch. This kinda stinks. It’s like we were already doing our darndest to get here, and now we have to change something else? The good news is that the change doesn’t have to be huge to get out of maintenance mode and into losing again, if you truly do have anything to lose. It’ll be slow but it will happen.  At least you will know as you make genuine changes that things won’t be stuck forever.

This post isn’t about details of what diet I am following or what changes I made, I may write about that another time, it’s simply about this reality: Don’t go insane! If your plan isn’t working for you or you’re unhappy with it, find a new plan! Make changes that you can live with, because if you plan to keep the weight off, live with them you must! Make your firm commitments–get specific with it or they won’t work–and see the fruit of your labor again!

God is calling us not to frustration but to freedom. Getting free and staying free can surely feel frustrating, but the rewards along the way let us know we’re in the right place. 🙂


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