First “Journey Well” Blog Post

I’ll be honest with you.

I’m not sure if I’m going to have time to really stick with writing a blog about nutrition.

But I’m going to try, because as I journey through this-trying to make it less battle and more balance-I come across insights that help me and being a natural born encourager, I like to share good stuff with anyone who will listen…and maybe that someone is you.

I name this place “Journey Well” because I believe our relationship with food can play a key role in our wellness, but even more so I think this journey is about a lot more than physical health. Who we are spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially matters just as much…actually more. Not to keep circling around, but our relationship with food (our bodies, our expectations, our illnesses, our defeats, our victories) all make an impact on the other parts of who we are, like it or not.

And we have to start somewhere to get focused and know that God has given us dominion over ourselves, at least to a certain extent. So, no more excuses, no more wishing; just hoping, learning, and changing.

Let’s journey well together.

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