What Is Up?

Well, no big thing, just SUMMER!!! That’s what’s up in the Taylor household 🙂 and even though I don’t feel like writing a big in-depth blog about the things closest to my heart at the moment, I can at least write about what is…you know…UP.

The garden is fun-We have a few tomatoes, one cucumber so far, lots of pretty pumpkin leaves, a few little green peppers…Um, I am realizing my garden gets very little sunshine. Wha-wha. So I may be doing a few containers of tomatoes and peppers next year and then planting only shade-loving veggies next year. All that to say, thank God for Aldi’s…and friends with good gardens. I do still love just getting in the garden and weeding and seeing little things grow though.

Big break from homeschool-This year we decided to be ALL OUT during the summer and ALL IN the rest of the year. We’ll see how that goes, I say with one eyebrow raised. Seriously though, I have gotten excited about planning out our curriculum and hours, and Yemi is already so excited that I have begun to do an hour of Kindergarten each day. But Selah, she is most definitely ALL OUT until August 13th. We are going to try a 4 day school week this year, Tues-Fri, because of my part time jobs. Then on Saturdays we can do any extra projects and creative things we may not have had time for during the week.

The part time jobs-Yes, this honestly will be what I remember about Summer ’13. Seriously, I have taken on a little more than I should have, and yet I am grateful for the opportunity. Mondays I am working as a health coach at my doctor’s office (LOVE IT!); I am learning a lot and will be beginning a certificate program in Holistic Nutrition online soon. Tuesdays I put in about 6 hours planning, praying, and practicing for worship at my church which meets in Louisville (journeylouisville.org). I am growing in this as well, and enjoying what God is doing there! Wednesdays and Thursdays I am teaching guitar and voice classes to kids, and I have 2 more weeks of this. It has been so cool to see Selah’s musical talents take off this summer, as she has attended my classes with her friends! She is song writing, playing guitar really well, and is much more enthusiastic about piano lessons.

Reading-Finally. I have a tendency, always have, to read 5 books at a time. So my five this summer were/are: Mansfield Park (Read it, check! Weird ending, check!) Trim Healthy Mama (Learned a ton about nutrition, check! New recipes for sugar free desserts, check!) Let Go by Fenelon (Soul searching, check!) Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning (Stopping every two pages to process, check!) and last but not least, The Book of Galatians (Ready to engage in our summer sermon series, check!)

Well…that’s good for now. Everyone is doing well and honestly I just feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Maybe later will post some pics from summer fun and talk about what I think our homeschool will look like this coming year. 🙂

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