Sacred Moments

I just finished putting the girls to bed, and was blessed with some very sweet moments. I admit I rush through bedtime so often! Just want to!  But tonight I was a little more at ease. I thought I’d share these…

I kissed Yemi goodnight and she said, “Can I sing a song to you?” And I said yes. She sang:
“Jesus loves the little mommies. All the mommies of the world. Yellow, red, and black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little mommies of the world.” 🙂

I kissed Selah goodnight and she said, “Can you lay down and talk for a minute?” And I said yes. (How thankful I am for that question! I hope she always asks!) She was talking about some struggles and thoughts for a minute. God is teaching me to listen and not freak out and offer too much advice; this will be a lifelong lesson for me, but for certain personalities, I’m learning they just need to talk things out and not have someone react but just listen and trust they will work it out. Anyway, then she got silly…then she got serious…then she said, “You know what, Mom? When I grow up, my dream is to be Abraham Lincoln #2. When I die I want to be able to say I did my very best to end slavery in the world.” I felt like a Jewish father on the Sabbath, resting my hand on her shoulder and blessing her, saying amen to that desire. (And of course I felt like I needed to say after blessing her that the Lord may choose to use her in a completely different way, and we must surrender to Him. Gotta stick that in there since it has been the story of my life!)

The Holy Spirit reminded me of the verse where Paul says to fan into flame the gifts of the Spirit by the laying on of hands, to affirm the thoughts and desires and ideas of the people of God. Oh, to “fan the gifts into flame” for our children! THAT is what I want to be doing these years! Those moments do not happen often around here, it seems, but I pray for more. More of what truly matters; less of the filler. It just reminds me that the everyday is sacred if we’ll have quiet hearts and invite Him in every space, every role, every moment.

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