Anger Issues

Okay, people, this is me “keepin’ it real”. I recently have discovered that I have some ANGER ISSUES! I am a calm, patient person by nature. I love people and see the good in them, sometimes even when proven otherwise. Most offenses roll off my back. So my anger issues aren’t toward people, in fact I’m not sure what or who they are toward!

But I need a punching bag installed in the basement, seriously.

I’m mad about things I should be mad at: national debt, abortion being legal, people with guns who have no respect for human beings, people (whether I agree with them or not) who won’t listen or come to a compromise or learn from each other, and last but not least the fact that while this country is in serious trouble, the rest of the world has its own horrors that we have yet to experience ourselves.

And I’m mad about things I shouldn’t be mad at: that I have adrenal fatigue and a sleep disorder yet keep expecting myself to live a normal life, consistently landing me in confusion and frustration. That regardless of all the changes I have made in the past three years in exercise, eating an all natural diet, taking supplements, etc., I still struggle with my health and weight. That I am on a not-so-merry-go-round in some relationships although I am doing all I can for peace and joy. That my dog is eating our stuff even though he has toys and bones all the over the house, won’t stay in our fence, and sheds plenty of hair regardless of his label as a non shedding dog! That everything costs so much yet doesn’t work that well. That I can’t live as simple of a life as I want because it’s not just me I have to think of. That I can’t seem to make time or have energy leftover for being with friends and having fun. That some of my dreams aren’t going to happen, they just have to be let go of.

I’m even mad that I feel this way.

Prayer and a punching bag are in order!

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