My Whole Life

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone! We had a beautiful day with family. One of our family traditions at the Mulhalls (my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, there are about 80 of us) is to stand in a big circle and say what we are thankful for. Selah thanked God for her parents, Grandy and GP, and her little sister, and said her life was wonderful. I thanked God for His Word, which has been such a foundation and refuge this year, for my solid and awesome parents, and for my husband and girls! Jack thanked God for how real He has been to us through the passing of his mom. And Yemi sort of took the cake…She said, “And I bless You, God, for my whole life.”

And I bless You, God, for my whole life.

I get very swayed by my feelings. By my tasks and chores. By my frustrations about the house being dirty, my allergies going berserk, feeling too busy or too lazy. Feeling too alone or too overwhelmed with people, making plans and lists in hope of not making the same mistake twice. I often think about my past 34 years, or the 20 I remember well, and I feel sad about mistakes and some relationships, but I also feel so thankful for the stability and chances that I’ve had. I look ahead and think all kinds of crazy thoughts, like “I want to adopt more kids and focus just on raising a family” or the polar opposite, “Let’s send these kids to school and we’ll embark on a whole new world of work.” Sure, these thoughts are real…these feelings are real…but they just aren’t that important. My “whole life” just is what it is. And it is so much to hold deep gratitude for.

I can be thankful for the craziness…the times I lose balance…the running back to Truth…forgiveness and understanding of loved ones…new starts…what is instead of just what will be. I feel a renewed hope to just be what I am where I am, and I needed that. I tend to be an overachiever, and I need to take a deep breath every day and see what God has put in my lap and not try to create more. I made a list the other day (of course) of the basic necessities of my day. Since then, I haven’t fulfilled all of them in one day but I truly believe that for my mental, emotional, spiritual, social, physical health, I should prioritize these things most days of the week. It’s going to take some work and self-control, but in order to have the life I believe God wants for me, I have to put first things first. Those things are my “what is”…and everything else just may not be meant to be.

I bless you, God, for my whole life.

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