Give Me Jesus

Early this morning, Jack came home and woke me, telling me that his mom had went to be with Jesus. On Monday, the doctors had made it clear that her body couldn’t take anymore and that we’d need to say our goodbyes. We took the kids with us and not knowing whether or not she could hear us, we poured our hearts out to her. And after we had all spoken, tears running down our faces, we heard her voice. She said, “I love you…I’m gonna be alright.” A day or two later, she was talking more–even asked for tea, her favorite, which her dear son was willing to go buy an entire gallon of :)–but we knew, she was going to be alright in a different way than ever before.

I think I can speak for Jack, even though he has more of a grief process to go through than I do, and say that we are truly amazed by the presence of the Lord, the peace that surpasses all understanding. Paul in the New Testament speaks so much about death…let me paraphrase a bit. He says: “If there was no resurrection of Christ and therefore no resurrection of believers, how pitiful are we? Do we really just have hope for this life? No way, Hosea. Death, the worst thing the world can throw at us, is actually total victory for us. We are going to cross the finish line of this life and at that moment stand in the unspeakably perfect presence of Jesus. Don’t you feel your body groaning in this tent? Your new body is waiting, at the right time. So live your life with Jesus here while you wait and you’ll have no regrets when your time here is done.” And as Jesus said in the book of John: “I have gone ahead to prepare a place for you! Oh, how do you get there, you ask? Well, no one comes to the Father except through me. I am the only way Home.”

So, I just want to say–If you are reading this today and you aren’t sure what it means to live your life with Jesus here, or when someone dies you do not have anything to hold onto, or if you aren’t sure that you will go to Heaven, will you please email me and let me hear your heart? There is Life ahead, and I want you to have it confidently and joyfully. I don’t know how to make it through life without Jesus…and He died so that none of us have to! 🙂

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